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Why I Look Forward To Cozy Winter Evenings

If you live in New England – it is likely you live here because you love the seasons, the good, bad and the ugly.  Right now we are in the middle of Fall (Autumn) when the trees are in full color and ever moment of every day is as majestic as it can be.  Soon it will be Winter and I love Winter though I can live without a ton of snow.  Just a small amount of snow allows for the perfect balance.

One of my favorite things about Winter is the nice cozy evenings.  To me that means nice foot warmers, hot chocolate, a really soft and warm weighted blanket and snuggling with our dog.

Winter is a time to make memories with sledding, snow angels, dogs and kids running in the backyard piles of snow and watching your breath float through the air with every breath we take.

An additional bonus is the fact that we have horses and need to do barn chores on a daily basis.  You would think working outside in the Winter would not be desirable but in actuality what is not desirable is working in 90 degree temperatures.  In the Winter while doing these chores I only need a sweatshirt and maybe a winter cap, electric gloves and rechargeable heated socks .  It is during these times that the work still makes us sweat but not like we are going to pass out.  The only undesirable part of these chores in Winter are the ice – horses can’t walk well on ice; horses can’t drink ice and pipes freeze!

So I will take our Cozy Winters over any other season in New England!

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