Sea Buckthorn Oil For A Healthier You

It’s no secret; people really are more health conscious these days. There are more and more individuals joining the “no meat” movement, less people are turning into couch potatoes, and more are becoming conscious of the environment. Going green is the new theme. Check this out to know more.

Then again, wasn’t it like that in the first place?

Before Medical Technology, The World Was Already “Going Green”

My grandmother used to tell me that they didn’t rely on technology a lot back then. She told me that everything they used to have come from natural sources. Whenever they want to cook up some vegetables, they’d harvest home grown leeks, tomatoes, cabbages, and carrots in the backyard. She even told me about the time they grew a squash the size of three heads combined. I can always see the glitter in her eyes whenever she thinks back to those days. Comparing to what we have today, she seems to be much happier about how things were back then.

Even when it comes to medications, my grandmother said “nature always provides.”

If you have a sore throat, the most usual thing you’d do is drop by a pharmacy and ask for something to help with the pain or to cure the infection overall. Pain relievers and anti-bacterial meds are sure to do the trick. When you come down with the cold, well, taking cold medicine will get you back in shape coupled with a long night of rest (even of you don’t want to, since cold medicine makes you drowsy).

Whenever we feel like there’s something wrong about our bodies or we feel pained in any way, we immediately seek instant relief. I think that’s just how the world is wired these days. And my grandmother says in her words “This will be the death of you young people.”

Unfortunately, her grim prediction just might be right. Over-the-counter drugs are definitely not a good solution in the long run. Sure, they work. Sure, they take away your pain. But the question is, for how long? How long before it becomes the cause of your pain and discomfort?

Many renal or kidney failure cases is caused by ingesting too many strong and unnatural chemicals. It doesn’t matter if you take it all at once or gradually over time, fact of the matter is that it slowly deteriorates many of your organs’ health until such time that they bag down completely. Instant relief is just good for the moment but if you really think about long-term effects, my grandmother is right. We really are digging our own graves.

This is why I encourage you to join me. While we still have time, let’s turn our life around and go back to the natural world – food, medications, and all. Once you get to know more about this world’s natural wonders, you will also start thinking “Hey, nature really does provide doesn’t it?”

Changing Your Lifestyle With Sea Buckthorn Oil

You can start this lifestyle change with little steps. For instance, adding sea buckthorn oil to your daily routine will definitely improve your overall health. It will help you cleanse your body inside and out.

I’m sure you’re no stranger to the use of herbal oils for health and wellness. Well, sea buckthorn happens to be the latest addition to the long list of natural supplements we have. It is made into lotions, creams, shampoos, and many others but I would suggest taking it as a supplement. Read more about it here:

It often comes in soft gel capsules that are also easy to tear for topical use. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially the complete family of omega acids that can really help you achieve that youthful glow. While this oil has an especially rich color (along the hues of orange and yellow), there are products that let you use them topically without being too noticeable. This is when you want to get the benefits of sea buckthorn directly on your skin.

The supplement may be torn and applied topically, however, I wouldn’t advise to do that for everyday use. For one, sea buckthorn has a naturally pigmented color – it’s yellowish to orangey and it really rubs on the skin. You can use it directly on the skin to get the most of its nourishing benefits but you just have to rock the whole tangerine look. Luckily though, recently developed creams and lotions minimizes this color stain, almost to an unnoticeable degree. You can use them daily for best results.

Also, if you seem to have skin problems like acne and blemishes, this miracle fruit can also help you erase those scars and tone down the inflammations. It’s perfect for people who are feeling self-conscious about their facial skin. You can kiss your acne worries goodbye with Sea Buckthorn. It’s best to use overnight when you’re about to go to bed and rinse it in the morning. If this is you, then don’t wait too long to try it.

Aside from being 100% natural, this revolutionary supplement is easy to procure too. In fact, there are many health and wellness stores online that offer to deliver them door-to-door. They have this wide selection of products – from creams to oils and oral supplements – that you can choose from so it’s a really fun time shopping. I’m telling you; don’t hold yourself back from trying them out!


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