How To Fix Your Roof Leak

When you notice stains running down the walls or across the roof of your house, it is due to a leaking roof.  Immediately you will question – I have a roof leak what should I do? You should repair the roof immediately, even if you have plans to buy a new roof.  Your very first call should be to a roofing contractor Pittsburgh-PA.

In a short period, small leaks become a big problem, and its outcomes are rotten wood frame; it ruins insulation, damages walls, and ceilings. Roofing Markham can expertly lead the way to better solutions.

It is not easy to trace the source of a leak because the water runs down faster, and the damage may occur far from the source of leakage. For more information, check out DIY roof repair fix tips.

Cause of a roof leak

A roof leak takes place when a roof lets in the water instead of keeping the water out. A leak can occur because of several reasons which include;

  • The architectural design of the roof.
  • The age of the material used to construct the roof.
  • The type of material used to build the roof that is the flashing, the vent, and the skylight.

When you notice a leakage, you should take immediate action to avoid any further damage to your house. You should feel free to consult experts for roof repair.  However, if you are already an expert to perform any repairs at your home then it is important that you have the right tools to help you with the job. There are great online resources that you can check out that review powerful tools like roofing nailer guns, roofing shovels, hammer tacker staplers, and reciprocating saws.

How you can establish the area of the roof leak

You will have difficulties trying to determine the primary source of the leak. In most cases, where the water is running down from your house roof is not an indication of the presence of a leak. Roofing Contractors Pittsburgh PA can help you find the source of the leak.

You should keep in mind that even if the water is flowing from a specific point of your roof, the higher chances are that the primary source is not around that area.

When determining the origin of the spillage, look for the roof going up to the strains. The primary source of the leakage is roof penetrations. Keep your focus on plumbing spots like roof vents, dormers, and chimneys.

If you have attic access, use it to climb up to the ceiling and use a flashlight to trace the leak. Evidence like the presence of water stains and mould will help you to spot the source of the leakage.

In case you do not own attic access, use a ladder to climb up to the roof and use binoculars to trace any missing, cracked or curled asbestos. You can also find leaks at the points where insulation and flashing have degenerated through tent-shaped shingles and end caps.

See here how you can determine the leaking area on your roof

What to do in case of a leaking roof

For you to avoid further degradation of your roof, you should take immediate action on the leaking roof.

You can opt to apply a layer of bituminous substance roofing cement or use a sticky compound in a bar gun when you notice that the shingles have flattened or curled. For you to deter, then form lifting, hold the corners and edges of the shingle.

In case they are rotten, missing or damaged shingles, lift the edges and use a hammer to remove all the nails. The old shingles will naturally slide out, allowing you to put in new shingles and then line them up with each other.

After aligning, tighten the shingles with a coated roofing nails at the edge of the shingle. In case a leak emerges from infiltration like the chimney, use a block of roofing cement and a caulking gun to close the joint of the flashing metal tightly. You can ask for help from contraactors for quality roof repair services.

When to replace a leaking roof

Not all roof leakage requires replacements. You can’t determine if you need a leaking roof repair or replacement; hence, you should call upon a professional to access the level of damage.

Replacing a roof requires trained expertise and skills. You can choose to simplify the process by getting rid of the roof shingles.

After which you can consult roofing expertise on the type of roof you prefer and how you want it done.


As a homeowner, noticing a leak on your roof turns out to be very stressful. A leakage on your roof causes a lot of damage to your house, which lowers the value of the home.

You should inspect your roof often to detect leakage. Make a habit of tightening around the vent, chimney, and plumbing piped and any other installed object on the roof e.g., satellite dish.

Preventive maintenance reduces the occurrence of a leakage, which makes your roof to last longer. Click here to see more tips.

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