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Do Infrared Saunas Help With Weight Loss? Medical Saunas Review & Research

Losing the extra pounds was something I’ve always had personal battles with for years. I’ve literally tried everything and kept regaining the weight like a yo yo. As a retired real estate agent and now grandmother of six children, I needed a home workout or at home solution. My feet have taken a beating over for all the open houses I had to present to potential buyers. Now that I’ve made my money and retired from selling houses it allowed me to spend more time with family.  Another great thing about being retired is now I can spend more time on my personal health and have time to write this medical portable sauna review.

I’m not going to blame the real estate industry for my weight issue, but I will say that sitting at a desk didn’t help with losing weight! I needed a solution I could have at home and decided why not a medical sauna? I’ve heard so many good things about them from friends and family who go to those fancy spas. However I wasn’t about to join a spa membership to hang around younger people I didn’t know, I needed something more private that specifically helps with losing weight. So this is how I started my own medical saunas review and research to see which was the most credible at home sauna.

Now the Hunt Begins…

I started first by going on YouTube and learning more about the difference between your typical saunas and infrared saunas. The typical saunas are steam operated and seemed to be a little too much for me since I’m very sensitive to hot steam. Don’t know why but I just feel like I can’t breathe! This was my main reason for considering an infrared sauna because I read online that the infrared is safe since it can easily be controlled. So now I set my eye on Google searches to see which was the most credible and best sauna for weight loss or medical use. The only website I found was called They had a lot of medical professionals backing their product and even say they are the only true medical sauna on the market. This was exactly what I was looking for and then got further in depth about which model of sauna was for my exact needs. As a skeptic I needed more assurance about it before busting out my credit card.

The infrared saunas appeared to be the best option for weight loss since they make you drink more water and release toxins within the body. So I didn’t want to feel too guilty about dropping money on myself, so I looked at the Medical 6 Plus on the website ( This model was made for an entire family or even friends looking to give it a try. It was more realistic (and less selfish) to get the bigger model so everyone can enjoy the benefits. Besides the extra room for the family I was sold on the “hot yoga” feature! I’ve loved doing yoga for years and now I could inside a spa? Of course I was sold but I needed to try it out for myself to see if everything was true.

Was It Difficult to Purchase?

Their company Medical Breakthrough offered a great credit offer because my credit qualified. They even waived the shipping which was music to my ears. It took a while to get them off the phone when I told them all I wanted was the Medical 6 Plus. The gentlemen on the phone was very eager but still nice and understood. The sauna arrived to my home and I didn’t have a clue how to set it up. Even though I sold houses for a living this was the moment where I felt I needed to be the general contractor or something! So after being stumped for a few hours I simply called Medical Breakthrough and you best believe I had to add this into my medical saunas review. All they did was send me a video and said it’s very easy to install. With the help of my husband and son we put it together. I mean it was fairly simple to set up and install, but without the video I wouldn’t have had a chance. Now it was time for our family to put this sauna to the test!

Conclusion: The Final Results of My Medical Saunas Review

The infrared got me sweating and I could feel the toxins leaving my body. It was tough using the sauna without drinking water. The infrareds warmed up the muscles in my body and was very relaxing. All the pain in my feet seemed to have melted away along with my stiff neck. Little did I know that the saunas also help with increasing your immunity. This really came in handy during the flu season in which it would assist big time.

I learned more about the saunas pain relieving abilities through this medical saunas review as well:

Besides my bratty grandson who doesn’t like “the heat” so much, the Medical 6 Plus had my entire family satisfied. I’m starting to see my husband use the sauna more than me now! We came to the agreement of our sauna times together and found a new way to enjoy time with each other. Last but not least…. I lost the weight! With continual use and consistent water drinking I was able to trim the pounds I had over the years from office work. If I would have known about the uses of saunas earlier I would have bought one years ago! Then again this is fairly a new product with the latest sauna technology so maybe it was best that I waited.


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