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Tiny House Reviews: Why Are People Buying Tiny Houses? #tinyhouse #tinyhome #tinyhousemovement #travel #tinyhouselife

With the tiny house movement moving at full force there has been an ever growing trend of people cashing out their current homes for a tiny house. Why is it a movement? Well because people are refusing to pay over priced mortgage rates let due to the real estate market becoming saturated. The original tiny house market starting with the baby boomer buyers, however there is now a transition into the millennial first home buyers. Having the option to live rent free or mortgage free has been a great concept to the millennial group because it allows them to save up for a new house or simply living a life free of financial tension. I will get more in depth about tiny houses within my tiny house reviews.

Are Millennials the New Market for Tiny Houses?

As a millennial myself, I can give an honest opinion why millennials are getting interested in tiny houses. Have you ever tried looking up the prices of homes within California, New York, or any other high population states? The property values are running hot at full throttle with no signs of coming back down, unless there is another real estate crash. As various millennials are waiting for the golden opportunity to buy, it just seems like the wait is only getting longer. So with zero hesitation many have decided to “downsize” their wants and needs when looking for a home. By being able to save more money via living rent or mortgage free (if purchased in full) there is a growing window of opportunity to save for a more expensive home down the line.

Is the Real Estate Industry Trying To “Move In” On Tiny Houses?

Many commercial and residential real estate investors have suddenly placed their bets on massive developments of tiny houses. The typical land buyer/flipper normally would purchase large lots of raw land and sell it to major real estate developers who see potential in the locations. With the tiny house movement taking place many real estate investors are seeing a golden window of opportunity for rental income properties. There are various tiny house reviews online which mention this anytime you research it. For example, college students are always on a budget and looking for the cheapest place to rent. This is a major market for real estate investors who make their money off rental income properties. Instead of having to take a hard money loan or use personal capital towards investments within the millions, investors are seeing that it’s more affordable to buy vast amounts of tiny houses. These tiny houses would soon replace the trailer home market within a matter of years. If it makes money, then it definitely makes sense!

My Tiny House Reviews: Who Has The Best Tiny Homes

There were many options online however I felt had the best quality tiny homes available with affordable shipping methods. After reading their website for hours on end, I decided to try out the Tiny Giant House 7™ for myself. For a long time I’ve always wanted my own art studio for years. This allowed me to have that much needed personal space. First of all I was under the impression that it came with its own plumbing and other amenities. Then I gave it a second thought and realized it was best to have just the home itself so it can be fully customizable. This model came with an eco friendly construction, weatherproof exterior, natural wood insulation, a double door entrance, 3 rooms, extra storage space, high ceilings, a porch, deck, roof awning, and lastly luxury trim walls.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest differences. I feel that adding the extra space gives me peace of mind knowing I can have my art studio for minimal cost. It even serves as a great place to invite friends over or even as a man cave!

To learn more about the tiny house mentioned within my tiny house reviews from Tiny Giant Houses, visit the link below:




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