Kingsbom Waterproof Gloves

One of the biggest pains in cold-weather conditions is trying to keep your hands warm. But how can you do that if the material your gloves are made of leaks? To avoid this, you should choose gloves that will not only wick away moisture, but stop freezing water from seeping into your hands altogether.

Here are the key elements I choose Kingsbom waterproof winter gloves.
1. QUALITY FABRICS : Constructed with multiple layers of 3M’s 140g super-efficient Thinsulate insulation. Very soft and can easily resist very low temperatures. Very soft and can easily resist very low temperatures.
2. OUTSTANDING FUNCTION : WATERPROOF, SNOWPROOF & WINDPROOF. Not too bulky but very warm and waterproof.
3. SENSITIVE TOUCH FOR SMART SCREENS: Keep your fingers warm and dry while you use your smart devices. I can touch the phone screen with this thicked gloves,impressive!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Prevent water’s wrath: check out the KINGSBOM water-resistant gloves we offer by clicking the link below.
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