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Tips for travelling solo for the first time

So you’ve travelled plenty of times with your friends and family and, although you really enjoy it because you get to learn about the most beautiful cultures all whilst still being in your comfort zone, you think it’s time to take a step further. Everyone that’s travelled alone says how memorable of an experience it is. And as cheesy as it might sound, you really do find yourself in these types of trips as you’re forced to meet new people and face difficult situations all by yourself. Now as daunting as this might seem, travelling solo is life-changing and a wonderful adventure. So if you’re planning on heading somewhere by yourself for the first time, we have some tips to help you prepare and arrange an unforgettable trip.

Choose your destination wisely

There are countries that are more suited than others for solo travellers. Some places are safer, offer more accommodation options or are cheaper for those on a tight budget. Our recommendation for first-time solo travellers would be to travel to either Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or Iceland. Of course, there are plenty more options that would also make a great destination (and the place you travel to is also highly based on your preferences!) but these 5 countries are known to be a very safe place for tourists with really friendly locals and well-organised tours directed to solo travellers. They also happen to have a whole lot of cheap hostels and the most breath-taking landscapes and scenery, so planning a trip to these countries is a sure bet!

It’s time to do something adventurous, unique and out of the ordinary!

One of the best things of travelling by yourself is getting to decide what to do without having to check with the rest of your group and having to plan an activity that everyone wants to take part in. You can literally do anything you want so it’s the perfect chance to make incredible memories. Are you adventurous enough to skydive? Why not try it in a new country surrounded by new and astonishing views? If you’re not that intrepid you can simply head out at night on your own and see where the night takes you – maybe you end up somewhere like! These uncomplicated but intimidating plans are usually the best as you’ll probably end up busting some moves on a dance floor with a bunch of new friends or maybe even hiring the company of the most amazing escorts in Auckland, Sydney, London or any city you end up travelling to end a crazy and fun night out.

Make sure you plan how and when you’ll keep in touch with your family

Communication is something really important that we usually take for granted but can be tricky when you’re on the opposite side of the world. We assume there’ll be internet connection everywhere we go but in some places that is not the case. We advise you to plan ahead and try to find out if you’ll have a Wi-Fi or data connection where you’re staying. You can always pick up a local SIM card for your phone so you have the possibility to call your friends and family back home without worrying about the extra cost or if your phone plan will work in the country you’re at. Also, if you’re planning on moving around and staying in isolated towns or islands, you can tell your family how often you’ll be able to email them or text them so they don’t worry you’re not communicating back!

Give someone at home your itinerary

This point is somewhat related to letting your family know you’re ok. This trip alone is all about enjoying yourself but also making sure you are safe and you don’t make your loved ones worry. A very good piece of advice is to give your mother or partner your day-to-day schedule and where you’ll be sleeping every single night. Therefore, if there’s a problem or they need to contact you and you don’t have a connection where you’re at, they can always call the hostel and get in touch with you. And by giving them your itinerary they won’t be concerned or worried and can always be crucial in case something was to go wrong.  It is also a good idea to bring a personal GPS tracker and let your family know where you are at any time.

These 4 tips are just a few points to consider when you’re a first-time solo traveller. It is important you plan your trip carefully and that you’re safe but at the same time, you experience things and tackle new adventures that you wouldn’t be able to in your home place. Take this opportunity of travelling by yourself to discover new perspectives, meet new people and get to know yourself better. A once in a lifetime experience you will never regret!

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    It is not safe enough to travel now, but what can you do if you want to change the situation and get new emotions. As a rule, I still do not travel by myself. And most often we order a transfer so as not to travel in public transport, after all, the pandemic has made its own adjustments to travel

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