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6 Tips To Help You Make Friends When You Move To Portugal


Making friends in a new country can be hard. Here are 6 handy tips to help you make new friends and connections when you move to Portugal.

Making friends in a new job or hobby group is already hard for most of us. Moving to a new country with a completely new language and no current connections? That takes on a whole new level of difficulty when it comes to meeting people. First, you want to search for property for sale in Portugal.  Then we have some tips for once you make the move.

However hard it is, making new connections in your new home is really important, and will eventually enhance your experience in Portugal. So how do you get started making new buddies in your brand new home?

Here are 6 tips to help you make friends when you move to Portugal:

  • Get Out Of The House

When we don’t have an established social life, it can be easy to become a homebody, which quickly becomes isolating. This is especially true if you work online and have no reason to leave the house day to day. Loneliness is as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, so even if you simply get out for a ten minute walk and remember the rest of the world, it will help avoid those isolated pangs.

  • Connect With Neighbours

A really easy way to instantly connect with your new network in Portugal is to say hi to your neighbours. Perhaps you could ask a question about the local area or services to start a conversation?

  • Utilise Online ‘Friend Dating’

Online chats aren’t just for dating, so why not make friends online first. If you make a nice connection with people in your area you’ll have a natural starting point for meeting up.

  • Get Stuck Into Hobbies

Hobby groups and meetups are the most natural places to meet like-minded people. You have an instant talking point and frame of reference, so it makes sense to look up your nearest Portuguese hobby group and go along. If your hobby is a sport like surfing, there is a natural conversation starter as soon as you pull up and check out the waves that day.

  • Be Brave

If you aren’t used to starting a conversation, you might find it terrifying to think about ‘making the first move’. Be brave and start smiling at people and making small talk. It doesn’t matter how mundane the conversation seems, the more you get used to those kinds of interactions, the easier it will become.

Enjoy The Process

Try to enjoy the process of interacting socially with people, rather than putting pressure on each and every connection. Even small conversations and interactions with people are valuable to either learn a lesson or, simply have something to reference in future. Embrace the process of making friends and getting to know people because it is all enriching in some way.

Making friends in Portugal might not be easy, but it will be totally worthwhile. Enjoy the process of reaching out, and take each connection at face value. Eventually, you will make some great friends, creating a network of support in this brand new exciting chapter of your life. Make your life easier by using international moving companies and free up your time to concentrate on building a new life abroad.


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