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What Not To Do When You Move To Spain

Read about the things you should not do when you move to Spain, to help you make the most of your international relocation.

Moving to Spain is something many people do every year, up to 20 million from England alone in fact.

If you’re considering a move to sunnier climes it makes sense to get as much information as possible not only on what you should do when you move, but also what you should not do. The more mistakes you can avoid during this time, the more likely your move is to be successful. To help you with your plans, here are a few helpful tips on what you should not do when you move to Spain:

Take On A Massive Project

There are plenty of people who have seen Escape To The Chateau on Channel 4 and want to recreate their own version of it in Spain. The problem is that the project often ends up being a bit of a time robber for many, who would have preferred spending their time meandering from coffee shop to coffee shop, in between trips to the beach. Unless all you want out of Spain is to do up a property, consider buying something ready to live in, so you can live it up instead.

Forget Those You Love

In the excitement of the move, you may find that you lose touch with friends and family at home. Sooner or later though, you’ll remember your roots and you may find yourself longing to be with those you love. From the beginning, make the effort to stay in touch over messengers or video calls. That connection is really important to help you remember you are loved and valued regardless of your location.

Wait Until You Retire Or Win The Lottery

Sadly, many people wait until they are retired or have won lots of money to realise their dreams of moving to Spain. Why wait? The cost of living is reasonable and you can find plenty of work in Spain, particularly if you work online. If you really want a dream, you can make it happen.

Wait Until You Know Spanish

It is best to learn any language immersed in the environment. Even if you learn Spanish before you go the chances are the regional differences and the different ways of using words will be an entirely new learning curve anyway, so you may as well move and learn on the job, so to speak.

Worry You Won’t Make Friends

There is a huge expat community in Spain, along with some very friendly locals. As long as you smile and are willing to put yourself in the community, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of new friends and connections.

Expect Everything To Be A Certain Way

There will be a lot of surprises with an international move, whether it comes from the logistics, the area or the day to day life. Start by reaching out to a Spanish immigration lawyer.  Stay open-minded and avoid being rigid in your ideals. That way, whatever comes your way won’t be as much of a hurdle as a pleasant bonus or helpful learning curve. Packing and moving services will make life much easier.

Moving to Spain is an exciting decision to make, but it does need some thorough research to ensure you get the most of your move. Follow our tips above and get as much information as possible. The more you know, the more likely your move is going to be successful, enabling you to make great memories with your family in a brand new chapter.


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