4 Haunted Hotels That Were Abandoned

Hotels are places where families and other people enjoy a vacation. It’s also a place where people stay when they’re visiting a town either for work or pleasure. For its owners, a hotel can be a lucrative way to earn a living. Hotel owners can make at least $60,000 a year in the hotel business.

Once in awhile, you’ll often hear of a hotel being abandoned. Since owning a hotel is a great business to have, it’s not normal for someone to just leave a building. There are lots of reasons why people abandon hotels. For one, a hotel might be sitting on dangerous areas that are prone to flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Some also abandon hotels because of business losses. Others, however, leave hotels for more supernatural reasons. Believe it or not, some people abandon hotels because of ghosts. Sure, a property can be up for sale, but those who end up buying a property often regret their purchase and don’t stay for too long.

Abandoned hotels often stay abandoned because of these reasons. Even if someone were to reopen a hotel successfully, the paranormal activities would persist. Guests and even staff often complain of something creepy going on while inside a haunted hotel. To help you get a picture of what these hotels are, here’s a list of haunted hotels all over the world.

Old Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

Baguio City is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. The city is known for its architecture and cold temperatures making it a popular tourist destination for both foreigners and locals. It’s hard to understand why such an awesome place has a haunted hotel as one of its must-go locations.

Enter the Old Diplomat Hotel. The place was initially built for friars in the Spanish occupation of the country. The history between Spain and the Philippines was bloody, as numerous crimes were often perpetrated even by Spanish friars.

Tourists report seeing a headless friar, dressed in classic robes. They also see floating nuns throughout the building. Another apparition that terrifies visitors is a young Filipina woman dressed in all white. A lot of people often see the ghost crying, asking for help. The woman was rumored to be raped by friars.

During World War II, the Allies and the Philippine Army used the hotel as a hospital and refugee camp. Japan swept through the Philippines, conquering many sites such as the Diplomat Hotel. Here, the Kempeitai or the Japanese Secret Police committed several atrocities to the refugees and locals.

Several survivors of the war tell stories about cruel Japanese raids. Those who were left behind, including women and children, during these assaults get killed by bayonets. Livestock, cats, and dogs that were left behind also suffered the same cruel fate. As a result, guests who visit the place also report seeing Japanese soldiers running around the site.

Buck Hill Inn, Pennsylvania, USA

Quakers founded buck Hill Inn in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. It was made to initially house Quakers during their retreats in 1901. The owner of the inn died around 1951. Although the hotel continued up to the 1980s, it eventually had to close. Since then, the property became abandoned.

A lot of people have tried renovating the place, but some say an eerie fog often envelops the whole property, making renovations difficult. The Inn was also featured in MTV’s Fear, a show that featured haunted locations. According to the show, Buck Hill Inn was the site of numerous murders. There’s also a tale where a maid committed suicide due to the hauntings she experienced. Locals also believe that there’s a strong supernatural presence on the site.

After several failed renovations and enduring a fire, Buck Hill Inn no longer stands as the local government demolished it. Several places like this hotel are often featured on sites such as mysteriousheartland.com. From there, you could also look at other areas that are haunted.

Unnamed Gagra Hotel, Abkhazia, Georgia

Although Gagra is considered to be a haunted town, there’s one particular unnamed hotel in the vicinity that spooks a lot of people. The hotel was used as a makeshift hospital that housed several wounded, dying soldiers. Apparitions of nurses, soldiers, and other spirits are often seen inside.

The whole town of Gagra also had a bloody history. Between 1992 and 1993, Georgian and Abkhazian forces ended up fighting for the region. The bloody war resulted in the Georgian government being defeated. This defeat expelled ethnic Georgians living in the town. Mass ethnic cleansing also ensued, where thousands of civilians were killed off.

Ghost Hill, Penang, Malaysia

Built as a fort by the British during World War II, The Ghost Hills of Penang is known for its highly active paranormal events. Today, Ghost Hill is a museum where tourists can visit bunkers, see the weapons, and everything related to the war. Tourists will also tell you that Ghost Hill, along with the Old Diplomat Hotel in the Philippines are the creepiest places to be.

During Japan’s occupation of Malaysia in the war, this hotel was used by a Japanese officer. Survivors of the war often tell tales that the crazed Kempeitai officer often made public beheadings on this site. Locals also report seeing ghostly images of fallen soldiers. The soldiers often looked confused and lost as most of them still think the war is going on. Some tourists even tell of these apparitions, asking them questions about the time.


The hotels mentioned above are one of the most haunted places on earth. Not all the time do you hear of profitable buildings getting abandoned. Hotels such as the Old Diplomat and the unnamed hotel in Gagra often have histories that only make it more creepy.


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