5 Water Saving Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, keeping a close eye on your day to day running costs, including your water rates, is important. You may not realise it, but saving water can save you a ton of money on your water bill. Whilst you will pay for all the water that passes through the meter, if you use this water more effectively and efficiently, your company will end up using less, meaning you will pay out less too. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are 5 water saving tips for small businesses.

Take Regular Readings

If you are on a water meter, it’s crucial that you take regular readings to make sure that you’re paying the correct amount for your water each month. Instead of providing an estimate, knowing your actual water usage and keeping track of what you are currently using will be a big help and save you money on your bill.

Educate Your Employees

Teaching your employees on water awareness can be hugely beneficial and help save money on your bills each month. Many small businesses have signs displayed all through their facilities which can help spread awareness of what water conservation is. A great way to get through to your employees about their water usage is by creating a competition to establish which work shift can use the least amount of water.

Look Out for Leaks

If you’ve noticed an increase in your water bill, it could be because you have a leak somewhere on your premises. Whether it’s the staff bathroom, or kitchen area, a dripping tap can become expensive without you even realising. It’s advised that you go around your workplace to check whether you have any leaks. The sooner you get a leak fixed, the better.

Install Low Flow Devices

Installing vacuum flush toilets or using toilet tank displacement devices can be another good option if you’re serious about saving money on your water bill. If you have these types of toilets already in place, it’s important that they’re adjusted so they use the least amount of water required per flush. Any showering facilities in your premises should include low-flow showerheads, which gives you the opportunity to conserve more water. You also need to take similar action for all tap fixtures.

Find the Best Water Supplier

With the UK water market now being deregulated, this means that your company could save on water bills. You may benefit from using a comparison site like Utility Bidder where you can find more information on where to start with your business water, such as by performing a water audit to check how much you are using each month. Each water supplier will vary with how much they charge, so using a site like Utility Bidder to compare a range of providers can help you find the best deal.

No one wants to pay out a fortune for their water, so make sure that you take regular readings if you’re on a water meter, as well as keeping a close eye on how much water your employees use to avoid a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

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