Yearly Horoscope – Is 2020 a good year?

ARIES (Mar 21st – Apr 19th)

The year starts off splendidly in mid-January as your ruler Mars moves into the most physical part of your chart. This encourages you to put into action any New Year’s resolutions and you’ll probably have plenty of desire to make them count. But you must put the emphasis on a truly healthy diet too. By eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish and using a good quality multi-vitamin, you can support your nervous system, especially which can be under pressure through to the end of February. However, your dedication to a new regime could be tested from April to mid-December and you could find that something from your past emotional life can impact on your physical well-being. If you’re on the end of some strange mood swings concentrate on those issues that may not be as resolved as much you’d thought. Do this thoroughly and you can emerge at the very end of the year healthier and fitter than you’ve felt for a very long time.

TAURUS (Apr 20th – May 21st)

This is a year when your fitness and health can relate very much to your involvement with others. Spending time at the gym, pool or other sporting environs in the lively company of friends can prove to be a big tonic. But equally, you’re being asked to be pioneering about your approach to what you do and this may require you to break out of any ruts you’ve been in and try new ways of doing things. You don’t always find this easy, but an open mind will lead to a healthy body. Your Achilles heels this year will probably be your nervous and circulatory systems and you need to make sure that however much physical exercise you take, that you get plenty of rest too. Early nights and a diet high in vitamin C and B will help you to cope as can fish dishes and plenty of pasta. Your love of calorific goodies will of course be impossible to deny all of the time, so perhaps you should give yourself specific treats to keep up your overall enthusiasm for sensible living.

GEMINI (May 22nd – Jun 21st)

You have something major to celebrate early in the Summer, when Saturn, the planet of structure and also of restriction, ends its two and half year sojourn through your sign. This will see a heavy weight coming off your shoulders and an undoubted improvement in your overall energy levels. But what of the first six months of 2020? Well, Mars, the planet of energy and drive, occupies a very positive location and this will help you to bring about novel but workable ways of getting yourself trim. Yet you’ll still need to adopt a balanced approach and even after June, you can expect your worldly responsibilities to increase so you’re unlikely to have a surfeit of energy. Essentially, the second half of 2020 will be excellent for getting into pursuits which get you close to nature. Walking can be particularly therapeutic and as far as diet is concerned, more emphasis on whole, natural and organic foods can become increasingly appealing.

CANCER (Jun 22nd – Jul 23rd)

The first six months of 2020, calls upon you to be aware of your sexual health and also of any organs that deal with the elimination of toxins from your system. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water to flush out your system. Yet from the time of your birthday a big change occurs, one which can see you have at least at first, seemingly less energy than normal and it’s true that you’ll need to focus your efforts and not stretch yourself too thinly. You may have to cut down on obligations to others. Resist any temptation to feel guilt ridden about this. But this is also a year to start tackling any bad habits. To begin with, you may not be that happy about this, but your body will guide you and encourage cutting out sugars, and if you smoke, the dreaded weed. Yet you’re unlikely to turn into an all-out health freak. Doing sensible things, in sensible ways, is the key.

LEO (Jul 24th – Aug 23rd)

You could feel particularly optimistic and healthy as the new year begins and certainly this feeling can take on more energy from mid-January. But you should not try to do too much, Jupiter can kid you that you’re invincible when you’re not. And from late August through to the end of September you could find it hard to control your waistline as the lure of the good things in life becomes almost irresistible. Someone could lead you into wicked ways but resist anything that you know at heart is not right for you. Saturn asks you in the second half of the year to become more aware if your physical condition affects your emotional happiness. Or are there things you eat or do which are driven by hidden anxieties? Getting serious about these topics may make glum reading but cannot be ignored. Traditional, but good quality foods, such as greens, pulses and nuts can all be good for you and it’s about finding the right work/life balance in order to find the time to use them more than ready meals and takeaways.

VIRGO (Aug 24th – Sep 23rd)

Balancing your role or niche in the wider world with creating a more secure home environment has not been easy in recent years and the good new is that these pressures should ease in 2020. With Jupiter entering your own sign from August you’re going to become increasingly more optimistic about life and this is bound to feed into your well being. The only thing to check is a tendency to think that everything will turn out perfectly without any application or effort on your part – this simply won’t be the case. Shins and ankles can be sensitive parts of your being this year and if you can do exercises which help to flex these as much as possible. If swimming and cycling don’t already form part of your routine perhaps they soon will. These are the type of pursuits which can stimulate your system without putting too much pressure on your joints.

LIBRA (Sep 24th – Oct 23rd)

You are likely to enjoy the seasonal festivities to the full but by mid-January the pressure will be on to take your fitness more seriously. Mid-April is an excellent time to initiate new activities or pursuits which help to tone you up. Yet the latter part of the year can see your responsibilities growing. This may be through the needs of an elderly relative or extra demands at work, so you will need to prepare yourself for these demands. Generally your love of sweet foods is something you find hard to resist, and why should you, after all life is for enjoying! Yet as is often the case with you it’s all about balance, so have those treats but be prepared to sweat off them off later. Your teeth and knees are bodily areas that need care later in the year, so take steps to anticipate problems around these. Therapeutic massage can be a big plus but then so can long soaks in the bath. At least through these you can feel truly pampered – something you always love.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th – Nov 22nd)

You may feel like liberating yourself from some of the intense partnerships strains which have characterized the last year, yet it could take to the summer before your efforts really pay off. Clearly if you’re embroiled in a situation which is not giving you as much as you’re giving it, this will be draining. Finding peace, tranquillity and also space at home, continue to be vital for your well being. And if you’re going to live with others, those who appreciate your occasional need for solitude will make the best of house mates. Your energy will particularly improve from the middle of June when the Eclipse in your own sign together with shift of your co-ruler Mars into the most energetic of zones where it’ll stay until December. Take advantage to really get yourself in trim. Working out in groups or through team sports can also be pleasurable options in the second half of the year.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd – Dec 21st)

Pluto continues to travel through your sign and your health and fitness will probably stem from those situations where you’ve the opportunity to be very creative or true to yourself. Yet surprise developments in business situations or intense partnerships can see the second half of year 2020 be potentially more testing. From June, particularly, a more psychological slant to your chart encourages you to look inwards. You could develop a greater interest in alternative medicine, healing or personal development courses and it’s true that others can have a big impact on your thinking. Because of this you should perhaps be more aware of overdoing things. Your energy will be good, but probably only good enough to support certain interests, so some choices need to be made. If you enjoy eating fish, shell fish and can become a more appealing part of this, but then again so can naturally reared meats.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd – Jan 20th)

Saturn, your ruler, continues to make its way through your sector of health and fitness until June. This suggests that work can wear down your resources as can the demands of others. But you may not get much appreciation and while this could be disappointing can also zap your energy still further. Therefore, at least for the first five months of 2020, your mantra should be one of energy conservation. Yet the early summer ushers in a far brighter celestial scenario. Suddenly you’ll have the resources to cope and if you’re involved in any kind of activity or a demanding role at work, you’ll be much more motivated and competitive. If you’re happier in your home environs, your mental juices will need stimulating later in the year and a new hobby or interest that really engages you can be as good for you as pounding the treadmill in the gym

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st – Feb 19th)

The combination of your ruling planets of Saturn and Uranus can continue to cause stress in the first half of 2020. Part of your needs to be individualistic and creative yet another is finding that the emotional resources to drive this are thin on the ground. The move of Saturn into the sector of health in June together with a Lunar Eclipse at the top of your chart, suggests that all your efforts will pay off this year. Success is likely to boost your immune system but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore practices that are undermining your system. Look to reduce caffeine from your diet, for too much of this will only help to wind up your nerves still more. The fitter you are, the better you’ll deal with up-coming demands, so do stick to those new year resolutions with determination and resolve. Gentle exercises will also probably serve you better than trying to develop a six pack!

PISCES (Feb 20th – Mar 20th)

The first part of 2020 can see you on a similar path to last year. Saturn is putting a lot of pressure on your emotional and home life and Pluto is urging you to find your perfect slot in the wider world. Yet getting these two to come together helpfully is another matter. But be heartened. Mars, the planet of energy is going to occupy your sign from mid-June to the end of the year. And together with an outstanding Eclipse, and the move of Saturn into your 5th House, you will get on a winning streak which will take you right through to December. For the first time in two and a half years you will feel like you are setting the agenda, rather than struggling to find the reserves to keep up with what others lay down for you. And it will be amazing just how quickly you can turn things around. Weariness is a part of modern life, but yours will certainly be much more occasional than endemic – great news!

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