How to make sure your place of business is accessible for all

Is your business accessible for all? In order for a company to have the best chance of hiring a skilled workforce, they need to ensure that they’re doing enough to attract candidates from a range of backgrounds. What more could you be doing to guarantee that the workplace is accessible for everyone? Find out below.

Ensure your website is easy to navigate

Before individuals apply for a job at your company, there is a very high chance that they will visit your website to find out some further information beforehand. Because of this reason, one of your priorities should be to ensure that it is easy to navigate. Guarantee that your business communicates to everyone by using screen magnifiers, image descriptions and brightness adjustments, for example.

Make accessibility a priority

Individuals need to be able to move around and get their tasks done while they’re at work, so a freely accessible workplace is very important. This could include disabled-friendly parking, wide corridors, ramps, big bathrooms and suitable common areas.  If you ever have any questions, you want to make sure you “get it right”.  In those instances I highly recommend reaching out to a Miami employment lawyer to have all your questions answered correctly.

Choose your talent carefully

As a business owner, you could reap the rewards of hiring people with different backgrounds and experiences. When you employ a diverse group of individuals, you may find that they tackle the same problem in different ways, coming up with different solutions – and one of them is sure to be a hit!

Offer flexi hours and/or remote working

Some people work better in the early hours. Other individuals are more proactive later in the day. Those with disabilities may be let down by infrastructure, meaning that they might not be able to access the workplace easily. Give your employees the option of flexi and/or remote working – that way, your business will be inclusive of all.

Ensure your employees are up to date with your company policy

Implementing policies such as dress codes at work is not only crucial for the safety of your staff, but also helps to uphold your professional company profile. All employees must be aware of what is appropriate to wear in the workplace. For example, high heels may not be practical for your work environment, while comfortable footwear made by Mobility Solutions may be.

By following the above tips, your business will portray its culture of inclusivity.

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