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Reborn baby dolls: What are they? How much do they cost?

Since the time immemorial, dolls were made in a human image.

They were items used for various magical and religious rituals and as such, it was important to be presented in the right way. While their use changed drastically over time, one thing remained the same: people still prefer when they’re humanized.

Nowadays, majority of the dolls are used as toys. Some of them are prized collectibles. However, there is another kind that is rarely mentioned. The reborn dolls.

So, what are these dolls? How come I haven’t heard about them?

Well, it’s good that you’re here because we will tell you everything about it. Read on!

What are reborn dolls?

Basically, reborn dolls are hyper realistic baby dolls. This lifelike doll is especially popular in Brazil where locals call is bebê reborn.

They are the purest embodiment of dolls in a sense that they are made to resemble human body as much as possible. There are numerous small details that make them look and feel like real human beings. This is one of the reasons why they became notorious over time.

You see, first reborn dolls were made during 1930s in the US. They were made in New York, by a few doll enthusiasts who wanted to create baby dolls with some extra realism. In fact, they were so successful at it, that the word quickly spread.

Seeing it as a commercial opportunity, some department stores decided to showcase these dolls. Unfortunately, instead of praise, they encounter a lot of resistance. Due to their realism, some people were creeped about them. They were too revolutionary for their time and most people couldn’t deal with it. However, that doesn’t reduce their values. Kids could still play with them although, due to their production process, they were more expensive than the other baby dolls.

The time passed by but the trend of creating realistic dolls persisted.

There were always proficient doll makers who wanted to showcase their craft by creating the most realistic dolls possible. Up to this day, there is a niche for people who love these dolls.

What is their value?

Here is the interesting part.

Even though reborn dolls are made by using real baby dolls and modifying them, they have a much different use.

First and foremost, they are more expensive which means that you won’t give them to small kids. They are also not ideal for households for pets due to their increased sensitivity. Nevertheless, they are still sought after because of their quality and realism.

The best reborn dolls are sold for thousands of dollars. There are even specialized sites that deal in them. Some of them are small works of art; doll makers need weeks to “reborn” a baby but the results tend to be astonishing. Because of that, these items are highly popular among doll collectors. There are even conventions where enthusiasts get together to trade, brag, and showcase their dolls.

There is another reason why people buy them. It seems that reborns have a strong impact on women who suffered a miscarriage or lost a baby. Some of them deal with depression and in such cases, they find solace in holding a reborn baby doll. They can also be used by women who are teenagers and have strong material instincts. Lastly, they are popular among older women whose kids left the home.


Reborn babies are definitely intriguing items.

They are unique in every sense of the word. If you’re interested in them, we definitely suggest that you buy one. Given that they tend to be a bit expensive, perhaps you should go with a cheaper model. If it turns out that you like them, you can buy more expensive pieces and start your collection!

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