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Most of us have heard of the term boot camp either as it pertains to military training or in the world of fitness and exercise. Not many have become familiar with what this sort of regimen entails or what benefits engaging in this type of fitness routine may be pertinent to your specific well being. Let’s dissect the exercise trend to dissolve some of the mystery. Go to to learn about the basics of boot camp.

Why Boot Camp?

Boot camp is touted as being an ideal way to elevate your motivation level without having to step foot into a gym. Many people cringe at the idea of having to walk into a facility to work out leading to their skipping it altogether.

For those who like to be challenged, Boot camp boasts exercises that will allow you to test your own limits. The routines are short, running up to approximately eight weeks with four minimum. They provide an immediate burst of energy with results that can be seen very quickly depending on the effort employed. This is noted as the perfect way to start the day because the sessions begin very early in the morning, meaning you’ve finished before you’ve had the opportunity to wake up.

You are mixed in among a group of people with a variety of different fitness levels of all shapes and sizes, each having the same ultimate primary goal – they want more for themselves and their bodies – and in an atmosphere such as Langley Gym and Bootcamp, there is a unified support system.

The classes are tough but the camaraderie is what attracts people and brings them back for more of the boot camps. It’s not that they didn’t work with the first go around, quite the opposite. They found the training to be motivational and a powerful way to work through their fitness routines and weight loss goals.

Know Your Goals

Having some type of goals set in your mind as to what you’re hoping to achieve will help you to remain motivated. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, whether it be to fit into a piece of clothing or more relevant to your health, simple or detailed. The only requirement is that it gets you up in the morning and moving. If you can find something that resonates with you, it will make it a lot easier to want to participate in getting fitter and healthier.

Feeling Out of Shape

This method of training uses your natural resistance and the weight of your own body, so being fit enough is not an issue. The exercises are easily adaptable for everyone to be able to access them. You have to remember that the only person you compete with is yourself.

The exercises are timed making it so the person who could only do a one walking lap around the track while another was able to sprint multiple times around are both considered as having done a great job. You may not be able to do a single push-up at the end of the training, but you will be the closest that you could have ever imagined. Read about the benefits of boot camp here.

Too Fit For The Class

If you feel you’re too advanced for the class and may not get anything from it, then you’re giving yourself far too much credit. Again, this is competing against yourself. If you’re able to go around for 10 sprints, challenge yourself to do more than that. You can always beat yourself and do more. And don’t underestimate those around you. They may come to challenge you as the classes progress.

Before you sign up for any type of exercise regimen, be sure to see your doctor and get a full assessment. Allow the doctor to monitor you throughout your training, particularly if you are older than 40, or are pregnant, or haven’t exercised for quite some time, or may have certain health conditions.

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Always let the instructor know if you have any kind of difficulty with any of the training. If the movements are new for you, take it slow to ensure you are moving correctly. Always stop if you get tired or fatigued to where the technique breaks down. Instructors are there to adapt exercises for you in these instances.

A well-structured boot camp training can help you to meet recommendations for a healthy adult’s physical activity.

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