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Health and Understanding of a Hospital Grade Pulse Oximeter

We are getting more concerned with taking better care of ourselves and our health. We want to be better people, better role models for our children and set a trend for future generations to take notice of. Being healthy is ‘cool.’

How to Start Your health journey?

First of all, you need to go to your kitchen and get rid of all the food items in the fridge and cupboards that you know are high in sugar and carbs and make peace with the fact that you are going to part ways.

Sugary foods have no positive effects unless you’re looking for that 5-second-high you get from that block of chocolate, and then it’s gone just as quick as it came and you’re back to square one. It’s a battle a lot of people deal with, and the sooner it’s gone the better.

Add more vegetables and leafy greens to your shopping list, eat natural vitamins and essential minerals. If you need to buy a new cookbook, do it, it’ll be fun trying new recipes as a family. Or click here for some tips and tricks to get started.

We all know they say to drink plenty of water, and yes, we should drink some, but don’t go crazy. A bottle or two is sufficient, we don’t want to flush away all the salts in our system.

Taking up a yoga or Pilates class if that’s your vibe can help de-stress and take your mind off things for a while.

A good mental state is a big factor in physical health. Unless you find your calm by running for an hour, then maybe a gym session or spinning class might be better suited for you. Either way, a bit of exercise releases happy hormones, so get spinning.


Keeping track of your health.

We have many means of checking we are staying healthy or at least going in the right direction, without having to visit the Doctors once a month. Things like blood sugar levels with a small prick to the fingertip, or urine strips to check PH levels.

A great one for athletes is the pulse oximeter. This is a little device that is easy to carry with on any trip, and it simply clips onto your fingertip and you press a button. It reads the level of oxygen that is being pumped through your blood.

You will be able to see if you are in a good physical condition for your training and no need to constantly have a physician on your hip. Have a look at this here and get yours today and start enjoying the benefits now.


3 Advantages of Using an Oximeter.

  • The fact that hospitals and doctor’s surgery use these devices is a big tick in my book, they have naturally done the research and approved it as a top product, so to be able to do it ourselves at home, is a bonus.
  • Anytime we feel low or not well, having this compact machine at the ready is a lifesaver. We don’t have to run around in a panic to do a quick test and check to see if all is ok and we just need a cup of coffee.
  • If we have a newborn in the house or hospital, they will have one of these clipped to their little finger and if the oxygen levels drop lower than they would like they will be alerted the first thing. So, it’s great for putting our minds at ease.


If it’s good enough for the hospitals, then it’s certainly good for our homes. They are simple and easy to use, and can only bring benefits by having one around.




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