Meet Homey – Make Your Computer Home Page Look Like A Cell Phone Display!

Meet Homey!  This is a revolutionary new program for your computer. Do you look at your computer and wonder how it can be more user friendly?  I am sure you don’t struggle with your phone – you have apps and folders and everything is all nice and neatly tucked away on your phone.  But you computer home page?  Probably not so much.

This is the app that makes your start page cozy, customized, and productive. It has gorgeous live wallpapers, widgets like weather and personal notes, the ability to create easy to access bookmarks, and a search bar right on your start page!

Homey is designed to make your start page more like the intuitive screen of your phone or tablet, making your frequently used bookmarks look like apps. It makes it easy and quick to get to the websites you visit every day.

I know my grandchildren can’t exactly just use my computer and maneuver their way around.  Is alot more intimidating than a tablet or cell phone screen.  But now that I can make my screen look more like those they are used to seeing and using – it isn’t a problem.  Additionally, my mother in law who is elderly.  She took the plunge and eventually started to get used to a cell phone (iphone) but still could not get past turning her computer on.   She has a computer – just never used it.  Now I can set her computer up to look like her iphone.  Easy as can be.


One thought on “Meet Homey – Make Your Computer Home Page Look Like A Cell Phone Display!

  1. MousePadsNow says:

    That’s great that you’ve found a way to make your computer more user-friendly for your grandchildren and mother-in-law! It can be really daunting for people who are not used to computers to get started, especially when the interface is so different from what they’re used to on their tablets and phones. By making your computer screen look more like what they’re used to, you’re taking away a big barrier to entry and making it much easier for them to learn how to use it.

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