Scented Slimes for More Slime Fun!

My daughter is totally “into” making slimes.  I swear she makes a different slime every single day.  Today she chose to make a makeup colored slime.  What good is slime if it doesn’t have a scent though?  Now she can use Slime Scents to make her batches even more exciting!  Let’s face it – slime without an added scent is kind of boring.

This particular box of Slime Scents has Sunshine, Jasmine, Kitten Fur and Pixie Dust.

Each bottle is .5 FL OZ.

Slime Scents are from Demeter Fragrance, a leader in producing fragrances.   Other scents include the popular smells of Jasmine, Lychee, Dark Chocolate, Pixie Dust, Kitten Fur, Vanilla Cake Batter, Asian Pear, Dragon Fruit, Monk Fruit, Butterscotch, Lavender and Sunshine!

This is her latest slime concoction – 6 ounces clear glue, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1 1/2 tablespoons of contact lens solution (make sure it contains boric acid).  Then she simply added a bit of liquid foundation and voila – flesh colored slime.  Add a little Pixie Dust scent and you have a one of a kind creation.

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