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5 Tips For Going Solar With Your Home In 2020

The last decade has contributed to the period of residential solar panels. Thousands of homes across the world are switching from a fossil-fueled power grid to a sustainable energy environment, where emission reduction goals are required at a level of climate change.

In the middle of this era of energy transformation, solar panel devices for homes have increased at a phenomenal rate. It’s good to give residential solar the recognition it deserves so let’s dive into some tips.

Keep scrolling to read the tips for going solar with your home and using the energy from solar panels in an efficient way.  If you’d like to learn more after checking out these tips, check out Douglas Healy who has many energy saving solutions.

  1.   Start using LED’S

In general, light sources in your houses are the biggest cost factor. The light bulbs used in your homes consume a small portion of the total electricity, and the significant part is wasted as heat. The latest LEDs are the best options to use because these lights provide the maximum light with the minimum loss of electricity.

The LEDs do not emit heat and remain cool due to which they can last longer than old light bulbs.

  1.   Reduction in Total Electricity Consumption 

The electricity costs of your home directly depend upon the total electrical devices and appliances. Eliminate all these devices which consume too much electricity like electric iron, water heaters, and incandescent light bulbs.

When the total electrical consumption in your house reduces, the performance of the solar PV system will be increased resulting in more efficient energy.

  1.   Only use High- consumption appliances in daylight 

The solar generator gives the maximum output in the daylight, and the electricity generated at that time can be used directly for the high electricity consumption appliances. The solar PV system (photovoltaic) can run these appliances in the night, but the total number of kilowatt-hours at night is not sufficient at that time.

  1.   Use solar electricity for Gardening 

The Gardening of your home is essential between Spring and Autumn, and this is the time of year in which the output of solar power is at its peak. This maximum energy allows you to run hedge trimmers or electric lawn mowers by using the solar energy.

If there are some more electric appliances in your garden, you can conveniently run even those appliances on solar energy.

  1.   Storage of the Solar Energy

Solar power is an unreliable form of energy. That ensures solar panels generate electricity whenever the sun shines but you also need a battery storage system.  This battery storage system enables a solar system to unlock the capacity of solar power systems in cloudy weather or when the sun goes down.

Using the storage unit, along with solar generators in your home, is a very wise decision. The solar batteries are a low cost solution, and the latest batteries provide maximum output at low prices.

The storage battery makes you use 100% of the solar energy generated. Only half the demand for electricity in your house can be fulfilled with direct solar energy, but the storage batteries will let you increase that rate to around 90% of your electricity demands.

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