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Tips for Writing Research Papers

Many people believe that writing a research paper is a convoluted task and often requires a lot of hard work, especially when you are an undergraduate student. Well, the latter is true, everything great requires hard work, probably it is why you have set out the task of writing a research paper in the first place. You should first look into research paper examples for students to get a gist of how you will organize the data you have collected for your research question and then go through our handpicked tips to guide you through writing a stellar research paper.

  • Selection of Journals

The very first thing anyone would do is to determine which journal their article would be published. For example, you have a research paper in the field of Computer Science then you would research on which journal your article can be published. For computer science alone you would have numerous options and then you would go through those articles to see the standard of quality they require.

  • Organizing Notes

This is a highly crucial stage you want your notes to be organized and every instance it should be a reflection of thorough research done to show your readers that you have read everything regarding this topic. The readers of journal articles or research papers are often looking for an answer when they are reading a research paper; an organized written research paper will give them the answers they need, instantly.

  • Outline

Every great written piece will always start with an outline and organizing the information you have under this outline. You would start with writing a compelling abstract usually of 100 to 150 words that encompass your research question. Then you would organize your literature review, all the statistical analysis, images, tables and arrange them where it needs to be.

  • Credible Resources

When you are drafting your literature review it is highly crucial for you to handpick credible resources which a large number of citations, this will improve the credibility of your research and your thoroughness. Moreover adding the right information under the right topic is highly crucial especially for those who are conducting a qualitative study of a research topic, and every author should be given its due credit.

  • Giving Credit

To kick start your career in academic be vary of avoiding plagiarism at any cost, wherever you use information from other credible sources be sure to give the author it’s due credit to avoid plagiarism and read the rules of in-text citations for the reference style you have chosen. If you are copying an exact line from a journal article then is sure of adding the page number from where you have copied the line.

  • Work on your First Draft

Whenever someone writes a professional writing piece the best way to work your way up is to write your first draft. Writing your first draft will give you the clarity you need to understand where your research papers lack and whether some parts of it lacks the justification you need to provide and defend your research question. With writing your first part it is highly crucial to jot down all the shortcomings so it could be improved.

  • Edit and Rewrite

After writing the first draft the most crucial stage would be editing and rewriting. Your notes should be clear, concise and organized. Great research papers have a simple language, brevity and sticks to the research question. Every qualitative study done by taking information from relevant journal articles should support your study and at every stage, you should stick to the data relevant to your research topic. One tip is highly recommended which is to get it checked by a professional and get their opinion.

  • Submit it Online on various websites

There are various websites available that take on a research paper and publish them online, for example, Elsevier, Springer, Jstor, IEEE, and research gate are to name a few. The reason why you should submit it to a different website is that you never know which of the websites will accept your journal and which one would reject them.


The best option for you is to examine the research paper examples for students if it is your first time. This will give you the idea, clarity and direction to begin with your research paper. Collecting and analyzing the data may be crucial but writing a stellar research paper is equally crucial for your research paper as the quality of research is improved at each step when you revise it, edit it and rewrite it. Moreover, getting it checked by a professional is again recommended it will give you a lead and a head start to get a suggestion that may improve your research paper.


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    The experience of writing a research paper will be useful for you in the future, because the basis of a student’s thesis and even a master’s and doctoral dissertation is the same structure. As a result, there are some pluses: you do what is interesting to you personally; develop your brain and gain valuable experience; and – ideally – science gets new data from your work.

  • Elisa

    Great tips, thank you. I also think it’s worth trying to do the work yourself before moving on to services like which can make things easier. After all, if you understand the structure and start, it may turn out that this is a simple job.

  • Jossy Rascon

    If you have the freedom to choose what your research paper could be about, take advantage of the situation and choose a topic that you are interested in or a topic you are curious about. By doing this, it gives you motivation to do necessary research for it. Be specific when selecting a topic (like business thesis topics) because most writers make a mistake in choosing a topic that is too general.

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