Are you among the ones, who always have some kind of difficulty while transcribing a video or an audio clip? If Yes! Then this article is for you!

Transcribing is not an easy task you need some special skills in typing to make good progress while transcribing some video or audio content. Normally, you need to have a typing speed of almost 75+ words per minute to perform transcription at best. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and practice to reach this speed. Therefore, you need tools and tips to improve your transcription skills. Transcription software is one example of a tool that helps you transcribe your videos and audio clips.

We will give you all the essential tools and tips that will help you improve your transcribing skills and increase your efficiency. Let us move on to these useful tricks are tips.


  1. Transcription services

A few major concerns that most users raise about using transcription software are high price and more time consumption. Fortunately, few software makers are offering services free from all such kinds of objections.

It will be a wise decision to go for transcription software and a lot of time and energy. It is very hard to perform transcriptions with some good typing, listening, and understanding skills. Moreover, these skills only come from lots of practice and hard work. Therefore, better if you use this tool and transcribe your video and audios without any problems.

  1. Foot pedal

Transcription is all about fast typing speed; you need a speed of 75+ words per minute for this task. This means that you cannot afford your hands to do any other task than writing while doing a transcription. Not even click on your mouse. Foot pedal helps you free your hands from clicking tasks, and completely focus your hands on typing. This increases your typing speed and helps you achieve perfect results.

During transcribing a video, you need to rewind, forward, pause and other related operations. All these kinds of activities need a good time, and if you do these tasks with your hands, you will face too much difficulty in transcribing. The foot pedal is one of the best companions to increase transcription efficiency.

  1. Noise damping headset

The basic skill that is very important in transcribing a video or an audio content is, understanding. What you are doing in transcription is you are listening to some content and converting them into written. Precisely, in this activity, you are processing information and transforming it into written words. Your listening and understanding skills are working here.

A good sound damping headset will increase the sound quality and isolate you from surrounding distractions. Your concentration in the task will boost, and it will take less time you do a transcription.

  1. Text expanders

Transcriptions need a fast typing pace, and this speed is more likely to achieve able through text expanding software. The software allows you to make short acronyms for common words and phrases.

For example, you can install the acronym “TTYL” for “talk to you later”. Text expander will write the whole phase whenever you insert this acronym. Likely, you can make some short keywords for other phrases and increase your typing speed.

This tool is one of the most efficient and easy to use tools for transcriptions.

  1. Dictation software

Transcription needs a vigorous typing, and sometimes our fingers give up. It is hard to typing continuously for a longer time and at high typing speed. To deal with such a troubling situation, software makers have come up with a solution in the form of dictation software.

These software converts sound into written form. You have to launch the software; it will catch the sound clip and write it for you. The efficiency of the software depends on the quality of the software. Different companies make this kind of software. Few are good quality, and few are designed for the economic user with normal quality standards. In normal quality standard software, you need to make little corrections after the software is done writing. The voice recognition software is compatible with both PC and Mac.

One of the most efficient uses of VR software includes the recognition of non-frequently used words. It happens that most of the time, we hear a word we never heard before. This software helps to deal with this kind of words.



  Here are a few viable tips that will help you increase your transcribing efficiency. Even if you have a stronghold in the field, these will surely add benefits to your account.

  1. Peaceful environment

The process of transcribing requires a complete concentration on the task. To ensure all you focus on the task, you need to work in a peaceful and serene environment. No obstruction, no noise, and no other disturbing activity in the surround are acceptable. If for a single moment you lose your concentration, then it will take much time to get back on the track. Every single word you listen and write is connected to a context; any disturbance can lead you in the wrong direction. The peaceful surrounding is a must for essential for better transcribing.

  1. Better sound quality

If you listen well, you will write well. Listening is the first step in transcribing; a good sound quality helps to produce well-written content. Make sure to use good sound accessories, never make any compromises on this point. Sometimes accent or pronunciation of the words is difficult to understand, and the better sound quality may induce some easement.

No background sounds, good sound filters, and optimum volume levels can help you achieve a good sound quality.

  1. Time notes

Only noting down the time notes of the video can help you go back to a specific point in the video. Noting the current position timings in the description under the video will assist in making any changes or confirmation in the written content. Otherwise, it will consume a lot of your time to find those specific points, where you need corrections. You do not need to note instant timings of the videos manually. Every transcription tool gives the option to note instant timings of the video; however, you need to activate this option.

  1. Comfortable sitting

Transcribing takes a good amount of energy and patience, along with concentration and commitment.  Use a soft and height-adjustable chair to make long sittings easy and stress-free. A refreshing surrounding will also improve your comfort levels and will keep fresh.


There is a cent percent probability that you will increase your transcribing efficiency by applying these tips and tools. So, give a try to these improvement tips and see how it works for you.


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