Exhibition stands: 4 Things to consider

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business, you need to consider conventions and expos. These events are tailor-made for companies, as they allow them to connect with a specific target audience. Unlike mass media channels, expos are targeting potential customers and partners. In other words, a dollar invested in an exhibition is worth more than a dollar spent in TV or the internet.

What are exhibition stands?

Exhibition stands are in the center of every exhibition. They are the crucial tool that will allow you to attract attention, create an excellent first impression, and close clients with ease.

Many companies do not care about the visual appearance of their exhibition stand. Instead, they believe that their mere presence will help them spread the message. This cannot be farther from the truth. Even though expos have an aura of exclusivity (as there is limited space), that doesn’t mean it will always play in your favor. You still have to go against the competition, and by having a remarkable exposition stand, you will be able to make an impact.

So, how do you do it? How do you make the right impression?

Read this guide to find out!

What are the main things to consider?

In order to create the right exhibition stand, you require a mix of design and marketing skills.

In fact, if you have the opportunity, we suggest that you consult with a design expert while finding the proper solution for your company. Here are the main things you need to consider when planning space and creating your stand.

  • Position is crucial

Like with shops or any other commercial objects, it is essential to find the right place for your brand. For example, if you’re near the entrance, you can rest assured that every visitor will see your stand at least twice during the visit. But you have to consider that these spots usually cost more. Sometimes, you can find a better place if you reserve your spot ahead. Another neat trick is trying to find a spot near the biggest brands. These stands usually get the most visitors, so by simply being near them, a part of that attention will spill over

  • Consider your branding

Needless to say, your exhibition stand has to be a reflection of your brand. If you’re an established company in your niche, it is better if you have a stand that reflects your overall company design, logo, and other visual solution. This will make it easily recognizable but will also help further establish your message

  • Think about lighting

Here is the main reason why you need a designer’s assistance. Even if your team nails the overall design, you might struggle a bit with lighting. Don’t think for a second that light is irrelevant! It is the often-overlooked factor that helps emphasize some aspects of your stand. So, make sure to invest some time and though in finding the right solution

  • Team’s clothing

Again, it is much better if you find a set of clothes that will work well for all employees. Often companies will simply order their team to wear some fancy office clothes. This might work in some situations, but when presenting yourself to a broader audience, it is much better to have a united front. Whether you’re going with polo shirts or business clothes, the whole team must be on the same page

Last thoughts 

As you can see, there are lots of things that have to be considered when making an exhibition stand. It is crucial for companies to find the right identity, as they have limited time to leave an impression. Small mistakes can cost you dearly and will negate the effort that your team has put in this presentation.


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