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How Caries Can Be Controlled or Prevented

Dental caries is the other term for tooth decay or cavities. It’s a widespread condition that affects a bigger part of the world’s population. The dentine and enamel are parts of your teeth that are greatly affected by dental caries. They both make up the outer coating of your teeth. The weakening of the enamel comes about as a result of bacteria action. This is usually triggered when you consume foods that contain a lot of sugar. Bacteria on your teeth break down the sugar, which leads to the production of an acid that wears out your teeth. Your enamel can become weak as a result. Fluoride varnish is a product widely used in strengthening the enamel.

It contains fluoride as its active ingredient, which is absorbed into your teeth to make them stronger. The other way you can leave your dentine or enamel healthy is by undergoing scaling and polishing to remove tartar. Plaque or tartar is the hard, sticky dirt which is usually yellow in appearance that forms on your teeth. It harbors a lot of bacteria that cause dental caries. Undergoing scaling and deep cleaning will help get rid of them and keep your teeth free from such. Special products such as prophy paste are used during the procedure to leave the surface of your teeth smooth and free from dirt.

Caries is a condition that usually occurs in two specific parts of the teeth. One part of your teeth that may develop caries is the uppermost surface that is usually in contact with the food you eat. The other area is the spaces in between your teeth. These are areas that are more likely to be infested by bacteria. Caries occurs in different stages so you can take swift measures to prevent it from escalating.

Ideal Ways to Prevent Dental Caries

The following are the best ways to prevent dental caries.

Observing Oral Hygiene

Observing different oral care procedures keeps you free from the condition. There is a wide range of practices you can carry out to ensure your teeth are in good shape all the time. One of them is brushing. Brushing helps to get rid of food particles, bacteria and other germs from your teeth. These food remains keep bacteria that lead to the destruction of your dentine and enamel. Carrying out this oral care practice also helps in strengthening your teeth. Fluoride in toothpaste helps to keep your enamel stronger. You should make brushing your teeth a habit. Doing this after every meal is the best option. The other option you can try is flossing which is vital in preventing interproximal caries. Flossing helps to get rid of food particles from the spaces in between your teeth. You can do this at least twice a week.

Deep Cleaning

This is a dental procedure that helps to remove plaque and other types of dirt from your teeth. Plaque buildup is one of the leading causes of dental caries. It harbors bacteria that contribute to the demineralization of the enamel when they break down sugars. Plaque is usually difficult to remove through brushing and can subject you to more risks if not handled fast. Dentists have special tools which include a scraper, dentist mirror, dental scaler, and dental toothpick. They will also carry out polishing which leaves the surface of your teeth smoother than ever. This procedure keeps you free from dental caries. Do visit a wonderful dental clinic to have the procedure carried out in the best way.

Diet Watch

It is now clear that a starchy diet or consuming foods that are full of sugar is not suitable for your dental health. Demineralization of your teeth is more likely to happen when bacteria break down sugar from the starchy foods you consume. You need to go slow on the consumption of such foods. Trying out other options such as a calcium-rich diet or vitamins will keep your teeth and gums in good shape.

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish treatment also plays an essential role in preventing and controlling dental caries. This is a type of varnish which has fluoride in higher concentrations. Fluoride, which is the active ingredient in the product helps in strengthening your teeth. After application, it will be absorbed fast together with other minerals like calcium and phosphate to leave your teeth stronger. Fluoride varnish also prevents bacteria buildup on your teeth which is vital in controlling and preventing caries. You should undergo the procedure every three months to keep your teeth in good shape.

Benefits of Preventing Dental Caries

Taking swift measures to prevent or control the condition comes with its set of benefits. They include:

Prevents Future Expenses

You will not incur any costs on treatments in the future when you take quick measures to prevent dental caries. Leaving the condition to escalate may see you incur a lot of expenses on treatment in the future. Your dental health may become worse, and you will be forced to spend a lot on different procedures in the future. Taking quick measures to prevent or control dental caries keeps you free from such.

Promotes a Healthy Smile

Smiling helps to boost your mood and overall appearance. You can also brighten up someone’s day when you wear a beautiful smile. This is usually difficult when your teeth are not in the perfect state. Dental caries can leave your teeth in bad shape, making it difficult for you to wear that beautiful smile. Take swift measures to prevent the condition and keep your teeth in good shape for a healthy smile.

Boosts Your Confidence

You will have increased confidence knowing your teeth are in good shape. Dental caries leaves your teeth looking different and can also cause bad breath. This makes it difficult to interact with others or participate in public discussions. Preventing or controlling the condition will always ensure your teeth are in good shape, and you have a smooth time interacting with the public.

Peace of Mind

You are guaranteed peace of mind when you are free from dental caries. It eliminates all the worries that come with procedures you have to go through or illnesses that may arise as a result of the condition. Preventing or controlling the disease in its early stages is the best thing to do if you want to have a smooth time carrying out your regular activities.

Prevents Other Conditions

Dental caries puts you at high risk of contracting other illnesses. One disease you are likely to contract as a result of dental caries is heart infection. This is as a result of the inflammation caused by the disease. You should treat the condition as early as possible to stay free from other related illnesses.

There are several treatments you can opt for if the condition you are experiencing persists. Dental crowns can help restore the appearance of your severely damaged teeth. Cavities that come about as a result of dental caries will be restored through this procedure. Dental fillings can also be used on those who have deep holes on their teeth as a result of dental caries. Your dentist will clear the cavities and use special materials to fill up the gaps in your teeth. There are several instances your condition may persist, and you may lack proper treatment.

Tooth extraction is what you may be needed to undergo in such an instance. Dentists usually carry out a thorough examination before advising whether it is right to undergo tooth extraction. Replacements such as dental bridges or dentures are some you can try out in such an instance. Root canal treatment is the other treatment that can be used to remove the decay that goes deeper into your nerves. The affected nerves will be removed before filling is done. You should take swift measures to prevent dental caries to stay in the perfect state of dental health.

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