White Label Link Building: What Is It and How Can It Benefit My Business?

Google’s search engine largely relies on links. This means that it ranks websites based on the number of links pointing to them. There are certain criteria that these backlinks must fulfill for them to be considered as quality links. In layman terms, these links have to come from sites with high domain authority. Note that the domain authority scale is not from Google and is mainly a theoretical value of how high Google would rank a domain. Google describes a quality site or webpage as one that is:

  • Expert: You should be skilled at what you do. For example, if a website is about health, Google expects that its writers are skilled health practitioners.
  • Authoritative: The content creator or website should be an authority in its field.
  • Trustworthy: Content should be trusted by visitors or users.

Quality backlinks also come from relevant sites. For example, a link from a website about dogs to a website about financial loans may raise some flags as the source website and the linked site are unrelated. The more quality backlinks pointing to a webpage the higher it ranks on Google’s SERP. Hence, link building encompasses all activities aimed at increasing the number of quality inbound links to a website to achieve a higher rank on the SERP; this is usually a part of organic SEO tactics.

What Is White Label Link Building?

In simple terms, white label link building is done by an SEO service provider on behalf of another SEO agency. This can be viewed as a B2B transaction where one agency outsources its link building contract to another agency—usually a bigger or more experienced company with vaster resources. When the contract has been carried out, the deliverables are branded by the agency that outsourced the contract.

How Is It Done?

White label link building can be custom-made, meaning that the links are built according to specific needs, industry, or other requirements. However, some methods are commonly used even when building links in the most peculiar cases. Two of these methods are:

Competitor Analysis

This involves finding the top keywords for your client’s niche by carrying out keyword research. After doing this, the highest-ranking websites for those keywords and who their backlinks come from are determined. You can do this by using competitor analysis tools. Note that you should check the domain authority of the source websites and only take note of those that are useful to your endeavor. You can enter all this information into an excel sheet.

Once you have done this, you can reach out to the high authority websites to ask for backlinks. Google frowns upon the sale of backlinks so you must be careful in your approach. When asking for a backlink, remember to ask for a ”dofollow link” as this is what counts.

Guest Posting

Guest posting involves reaching out to high authority influencer sites within your client’s niche and offering to make a guest post containing your link—this is where high-quality content comes in. These sites usually publish high-quality content and will require that you do the same. If you can and are ready to write quality content you can send out emails to the webmasters of these influencer sites to pitch your article. Sites that allow guest posts usually have a “write for us” section; this can be a helpful indicator of willing sites.

Make sure you ask for a dofollow link in the body of your text as sites like Forbes do not allow them. Guest posting, when done well, goes a long way to improve site ranking.

There are other methods like infographics, image link building, and even memes. And the best link building service is one that employs methods and tactics—as the need be—to deliver high-quality links.

Why Do Agencies Use White Label Link Building Services?

A client may request a bulk order of quality backlinks within a period that an SEO agency just cannot deliver. This can be due to either a lack of resources, expertise or because of extra expenses that will be incurred. But whatever the reason, it is usually cheaper to outsource to link builders than hire an in-house SEO specialist.

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