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Don’t you just love iPhones?  Actually I love all smartphones.  I have owned Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones but the newest iPhones have cameras that just cannot be beat by anything else on the market right now.  I truly used to carry my DSLR with me everywhere but now I carry my iPhone 11 Pro Max and occasionally bring out the big guys.

When I want to use my DSLR there is nothing better than having the skills and tools to get the job done and Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY definitely has loads of tips especially if you want to get into the photography business.  Sometimes photos are for fun and sometimes for business – there is a place for both in all of our lives.  My favorite DSLRs are Nikon Cameras – I have several models and each has a specific purpose for me.

There are many tips I could share but this is one that I use all the time.  Sometimes though I want to capture shots that I hadn’t planned on and sometimes those are action shots.  This tip has to do with outdoor action.

The iPhone can take really nice photos outside – especially with nice sunlight.  However, like any camera there is a slight delay when taking photos so when action exists you are always prone to missing certain shots.  Granted the new iPhones have come a long long way but no matter what model you have this tips works.

With the iPhone there is an application that you can download called StillShot.  It was free when I downloaded it but now I think it is $.99.  Basically you take a movie instead of a photo and through this application you choose minute pieces of the video and save them as photos.

It works great when you are taking photos of action but you (the iPhone) must remain stationary.  If you move with the action the photos will come out blurry.  StillShot takes a video and turns every single 1 second increment into about 17-19 photo frame opportunities.

Here is a series from when I taught my children how to dive.  I had tried many times but until that time they had been very reluctant to participate in the process.  But on this day, without any notice or my ability to grab my DSLR, they were more than willing.  I didn’t know what photo opportunities I would have so I used this feature and figured I would take what I could get.  But if I had used the photo feature I would have had one photo each and who knows at what stage of the dive.  It turns out they did dozens of dives so I would have had more opportunities.

I LOVE these shots and that is an awesome dive for one of her very first.  I must have been moving slightly (I was so excited for her) so there is a little blurriness in it.  That is just three stills from the video – there were dozens more!

The photos are relatively small so you could never blow them up to an 8×10 but for digital purposes and memories they are great for sharing on social media for all your friends and family to see.

Here is Anthony’s dive…

This is such an awesome application – don’t miss out.  I have since used it to capture awesome memories with my horses.  You know those moments where a rider is thrown from a horse and you wonder just how that exact moment was caught?  Well this is one way!  I merely want to make sure you all know this APP exists because it is so useful in preserving memories.

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