4 Hot Business Ideas for 2020 and Beyond

Working hard to make someone else richer is fast becoming a thing of the past. Many entrepreneurs would prefer to work for themselves than or someone else. It’s not that hard to go into business for yourself, most require some form of capital investment which you can achieve with the help of hudhomestore – but surprisingly it’s not that much. Here are 4 suggestions for businesses set to take off this year.

Co-working Spaces

Many people already run their businesses from the comfort of their own laptops. You see them every day taking up prime real estate in your local coffee shop, leeching off the free wifi.

The challenge of coffee shop usage for this kind of business is that these customers sit for hours and maybe order one coffee only. This is frustrating for the store owners as more people can’t use the tables. On the other hand, it’s difficult for the user because these places are often noisy and distracting.

Enter co-working spaces. Create an area with access to wifi, printers, and other useful technology, charge a minimal fee for a person to use it, and you’ve got an instant business that fills a definite need.

These places offer a quiet space for professionals to have online meetings and help remove the ‘loneliness’ felt by sitting alone in a coffee shop. There are some great tips here for getting started in this business.

Create an Online Game

Have you got a great idea for an online game? Don’t wait for someone else to come out with it. You can create it yourself. It’s not as difficult as you would think. There is software available, plus experts willing to teach you.

The online gaming industry is expected to make a worldwide profit of $180.1 billion in 2021, shouldn’t you grab a piece of that for yourself? Don’t wait too long to get started on your own game. Your idea could be the next online sensation.

Open a Food Truck

For the past 10 years, food trucks have been gaining popularity. The great thing about one of these is the uniqueness of each. The possibilities are endless. You could have a traditional hotdog or taco stand, or come up with your own gourmet fusion-style cuisine.

Once you know what food you want to serve, then pick a location. Suburban areas, carnivals, sports games, and festivals are great places to set up. The great thing about a food truck is that it is movable.

Of course, some regulations need to be met, and there are registration and licensing requirements. But without much research, you can find out what you need in your area.

Marriage Counseling

It’s a sad fact that 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is costly, disruptive, and takes a huge emotional toll on the parties involved and the people around them.

Counseling can go a long way in finding solutions to internal problems and may reduce the need to get a divorce. The demand for this form of therapy is expected to increase a lot this year.

As more and more couples decide to go down this route, this is the perfect time to set up a practice. Many students are choosing psychology as a major, and there is no shortage of graduates looking for this type of work.

What Are You Waiting For?

There you have it. 4 business ideas that are waiting for the right person to take on and be successful with. The demand for co-working spaces is already increasing, so now is the exact time to establish one of these.

Online gaming just gets bigger and better each year, with a unique idea, you could create the next big thing. The need for alternative food choices grows every year, and food trucks are an easy and practical solution for both the savvy business person and the hungry hordes.

With so much stress in the world, marriages are imploding, but many couples would prefer to find an alternative solution, so why not create a counseling practice. You probably already have a waiting list of customers.


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