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When Life Is Hard… Moosh-Moosh For The Win

We have always loved out Moosh-Moosh’s.  Seriously if you have never had them – you’ve got to check them out.

According to toy industry professionals, the MooshMoosh brand is the hottest squishy plush toy on the market. Made from an ultra-soft fabric that begs to be cuddled with, MooshMoosh plushies come in many delightful styles and fun animal faces. New this month are collectibles from Series 4 and Squared 2.

Seriously we are huge fans of Moosh-Moosh – see my daughter with Moosh-Moosh “through the years”!

What is so special about this batch?  Well first of all – we are all under social distancing right now.  My daughter already struggles but right now she is overwhelmed with desperation to engage with the outside world again.  We are fortunate – we have horses that we must go take care of every day.  We still avoid people and our horses are a bit separated anyway… But spending time with the horses helps.  But a nice snuggle with Moosh-Moosh creatures helps so much too!

Meet Lila the Llamcorn!

And Sweet Tooth

And last but not least – Clara

Seeing our daughter at peace for a period of time is priceless!  Moosh-Moosh helps make that happen.  Order yours now…


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