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When You’re Trying To Get Pregnant

Most women have a desire to become a parent – not all but most.  We take it for granted that when we want to have a child, we will be able to.  And for those that do want to it can be heartbreaking when it doesn’t happen.  Try as you may it just seems to not happen.  How long before you ask for help?

There is no hard and fast rule but basically, when you begin to get concerned – it is worth seeing a surrogacy specialist.  Tests are easy to run and at the very least they can offer peace of mind.  If you don’t find anything wrong you continue to try but if you do – perhaps it can be fixed in some manner or if it can’t, you pursue other avenues.

This period of time can be especially difficult because your friends may be having children.  You continue to get invites to baby showers and inevitably when you attend people will ask (because of course, they think it is their business) – so when are you and so and so going to have some little ones?

One avenue is adoption – which I am a firm supporter of since we have adopted three children.  But other options may be infertility treatments that could begin with generic clomid all the way up to in-vitro fertilization or even surrogacy.

There are many ways to have children and some may need assistance or are not through traditional methods but if you are open to making your life complete in some way – it can happen. Another potential avenue is surrogacy and you can learn more with this surrogate definition.

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