A Car Accident Can Happen To Anyone

Have you ever been in a car accident?  I have been hit so many times I can’t even keep count.

Here is a list of some (none my fault):

  • During a heavy snowstorm I was driving down the road; there was a really steep hill perpendicular to where I was traveling and a snowplow was trying to get up the hill – he slid all the way down the hill backwards and slammed into me
  • In yet another snowstorm I was driving down the highway (slowly of course – in fact at almost a stop) and on the other side of the highway a car spun out of control, over the barrier and onto my car
  • I was driving in normal weather in heavy city traffic and stopped along with all the cars in front of me.  About three cars back someone wasn’t paying attention and in my rear view mirror I just watched one car after another get slammed into, then finally me.  Ten cars in all…
  • Driving to work one day my tire blew flipping me into the guard rail
  • Several times stopped at lights I was rear ended and in each instance the vehicle that me/us said they thought I was still moving
  • One time I literally just drove my brand new car off the lot and someone blew through a red light and slammed into my brand new car

You get the idea.  It can happen – even when you are innocently doing exactly what you are supposed to do.  Then all of a sudden you are a statistic.  I often find myself wondering – why always me…  But the reality is it isn’t always me – happens all the time.  I do happen to think this kind of luck finds me though – my husband and family agree.  I am that person who ends up late for dinner with a story that I had to stop and help an elephant who was laying in the road – and it is a true story.  My life is far too interesting to even waste time making stuff up.

For me this kind of stuff is rather normal and thankfully I have a personality that just kind of moves on and goes with the flow.  For me, every single day has some sort of story.  But not everyone has this much “fun” in their lives and may not know what to do once you are in a car accident – especially if you are very clearly not at fault.

Here are the steps you need to take asap:

  • Immediately get evaluated by a medical professional.  Trust me the adrenaline may have you feeling okay at the time but give yourself a few hours and all the ouchies will appear.
  • Make sure the medical professional knows of all medical concerns you have as a result of the accident – major and minor.
  • Follow all guidance the medical professional gives you.
  • Keep all photos and documentation related to your medical appointments and followup visits
  • Seek out legal assistance from car accident attorney Tampa
  • Don’t speak to anyone about the accident other than your medical professional and your lawyer
  • Don’t sign anything without reviewing with your lawyer

Keep yourself safe and protected.


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