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Is Investing in Freight Insurance Worth Your Hard-Earned Money?

If you can think of something that’s even vaguely related to money, there’s bound to be insurance for it. It’s because of this that insurance can eventually feel like a bit of a scam – after all, why spend all that money on something that might not even work for you in the first place? There are, of course, a few industries that cry out for insurance (and there are also that need insurance as a legal requirement), but determining which of these is applicable is often the hard bit. Freight insurance is often one of these, as organisations might not see the need in investing in insurance when they have a perfectly fine track record of maintaining the integrity of their products. So, is freight insurance worth the price of admission? Make sure to read on to find out.

The risks of transporting goods by road

There are quite a few insurances that people are totally fine in doing without due to the absence of a legal need to obtain them. After all, could you ever imagine the government enforcing nationwide pet insurance laws? Although there are a few insurances that are designed to cater to these “just in case” scenarios, marine insurance in Australia or freight insurance (we use this as an example – freight insurance carries the same value wherever you are in Australia) can be a good way to ensure you’re never caught in a bind. Why is this, though? Although transportation has the potential to never be the victim of misfortune, there’s just no way to guarantee this – damage in transit can occur through something as simple as an inattentive driver ramming into the back of the truck carrying your precious cargo, and is something that is wholly unavoidable. This is even more so the case if there are third parties (particularly the more budget-friendly third parties) taking care of your freight, as it’s unfortunately the case that mistreatment of goods is going to be considerably more possible than if you transported goods yourself.

Ways to help your goods get to the other side

Thankfully, there are a few very simple ways to help ensure that you don’t end up needing to make an insurance claim. The first thing you should always be focusing on is making sure that you goods are always packed securely and correctly. This means that even with a bit of careless handling by an inattentive employee somewhere along the way, your goods are safeguarded from being mishandled and damaged in some manner, however minor (or major). After all that lovely packaging up, also make sure that your packages are very securely attached to any pallets they might be traveling on. It’s also imperative that any goods you’re sending off are marked both clearly and correctly – you don’t want any mistakes to be made due to someone’s inability to read your writing. This isn’t just so that the freight ends up at the right destination, as if there are any issues you can easily look up the consignment details (which is much harder if they’re improperly labelled).

Deciding on whether freight insurance is for you

Freight insurance isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it absolutely has its merits, particularly for those who regularly have their goods transported by road. After all, even if you’ve had good luck up until now, everyone’s luck runs out eventually. Even if you decide on purchasing a one-off item from an online store that provides insurance, it’s always a good idea to take a moment to think about whether a few dollars can make all the difference. After all, getting a quote to guarantee the safety of an item that might not make it doesn’t necessarily hurt, does it?

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