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Aroma Diffuser: A Must- Have for Your Sweet-Scented Home

The aroma diffuser is to uses the unique charm of fragrance to extend communication from vision and sound to smell, reaching a deeper and more profound level. It is nowadays suitable for families, hotel rooms, lobbies, corridors, guest rooms, and other places. Ranging from the most primitive aromatherapy stove and the candle burning to various ultrasonic aroma diffuser, more and more diversified aromatherapy tools are available for us to choose from. This article will give you an evaluation one by one and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each aromatherapy tool.

Aroma Diffuser: A Must- Have for Your Sweet-Scented Home

Aroma stove

  • Advantage 1: arousing sentiment

In the evening, light up the essential oil with the incense stove of the candle that is made from soy wax melts. It’s emotional and atmospheric. It perfectly matches with the soft music. To create an atmosphere, you could not miss this item.

  • Advantage 2: changeable shape

The aromatherapy stove has various styles and shapes, ceramic, iron, glass, artistic, and suitable for a different atmosphere.

  • Disadvantage 1: the fragrance is not integrated enough

Different essential oils are often used in the aroma furnace. Still, if different essential oils are dripped temporarily, it will be difficult to blend them. It is suitable for the combination of aromatherapy compound essential oils that are mixed in advance.

  • Disadvantage 2: easy to get dry

The aromatherapy stove needs to blow out the candles manually. If the quilt capacity is too small, the water will evaporate quickly. And it is easy to be burned dry, with a lasting time of only 1-2 hours.

Aroma Diffuser: A Must- Have for Your Sweet-Scented Home

Aroma diffuser

  • Advantage 1: fine spray

Aroma diffuser sprays exceptionally fine. Put a paper towel at the outlet of the high-quality aroma diffuser, and it will not get wet for the diffuser sprays kind of smoothly. The aromatherapy machine not only has the function of incense but also the function of humidification. Especially when the room is dry, the aromatherapy machine could take its role to moisten the air.

  • Advantage 2: automatic power off

The aromatherapy machine usually has the function of automatic power-off. The time of aromatherapy varies from one hour to six hours, and the water capacity ranges from 100ml to 600ml. You can choose different functions of the aroma diffuser according to the size of space and time.

  • Advantage 3: relatively integrated essence oil

With the function of ultrasonic vibration, the aroma diffuser can quickly integrate several different essential oils, so that the fragrance is relatively mixed. And various combinations of essential oils can be tried.

  • Disadvantage 1: no appointment function

Generally speaking, the aromatherapy machine does not have an appointment function, so it cannot automatically carry out the incense. Every time you order aromatherapy, you need to do it manually.

  • Disadvantage 2: in need of electric power

The aromatherapy machine with a spray function usually has no charging capacity. It must be placed near the power supply and cannot be carried out.

Intelligent incense machine

  • Advantage 1: no need for water

This aromatherapy machine needs power, but it is also easy to use. With a capacity of 50ml, it can directly pour in pure essential oil without heating or adding water. The operation is convenient.

  • Advantage 2: appointment function

This aromatherapy machine has an excellent appointment function. You only need to set the daily aromatherapy time and atomization volume. You can set the appointment time from Monday to Sunday, for example, 9:00-18:00, atomization volume: 3 levels. Then you could enjoy the beautiful fragrance regularly every day.

  • Advantage 3: company space fragrance

This kind of aromatherapy machine can be connected to the central air-conditioning, with a beautiful design. It can serve the hotel, conference room, brand store, and business hall as the space fragrance.

  • Disadvantage 1: regular replacement

This aromatherapy machine is only suitable for the combination of essential oils in advance, and can only be replaced after use. It is ideal for a place with a relatively fixed fragrance.

Gaining the knowledge of each type of aromatherapy machine, you might now have your ideas towards turning your own house into a fragrant one. All in all, if you are not especially long for the atmospheric home, it’s highly recommended to choose the aroma diffuser, for it could cater to the most requirement of enhancing fragrance without costing too much. SVAVO’s Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser is one of the preferences for most house people. With a modest and simple design, it could smoothly go with any home decoration, bringing a perfect collocation in the house. Why not give it a try as the first step into a sweet-scented world? It could blow you with a satisfactory essence experience.

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