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Joint Care For Dogs – 3 Ways You Can Help Your Dog!

Since the dawn of civilization, dogs have been the most faithful pet to humans. The playful nature and friendly companionship of dogs fill your home with happiness. Some even say that these loyal creatures are more humane to us then the fellow humans. Your pet dog understands your pain and melancholy. It will do everything to remove clouds of sorrow from your life. You should also care the same way for your dog and try to understand if it is going through any pain. Many of them suffer from joint pain and arthritis. A systematic approach is required to take care of its joints. This way, it remains active and happy all along. A good number of hip and joint supplements for dogs are available. They are quite useful in keeping the joints in sound shape. Moreover, regular exercise, massage, and balanced food are helpful too.

Nature of joint problems:

It would be best if you always kept a close eye on the joints of the dogs. Some of the universal joint problems that the dogs suffer are:

  • Septic arthritis
  • Cancerous arthritis
  • Joint fractures
  • Ligament break downs
  • Osteochondrosis

 Joint care for dogs:

The first step to take care of the dogs is to try to understand their problems. You have to look for symptoms that might indicate the joint pains of the dogs. Some symptoms are:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Lack of activities
  • Lethargic movement
  • Lack of interest in climbing upstairs and jumping
  1. Exercise:

Exercises are useful for keeping your favorite dog in sound shape. Regular movements of dogs ensure well-maintained joints. An active dog has an improved bone, which is more mobile. Moreover, it helps to increase muscle mass. So it would be best if you took your dog for a stroll every day along the walkway. Taking your kids and dog to fields also helps. Let them play and run around. You can also make it for a swim. It’s another lighter form of exercise which has proved highly beneficial for the joints and muscles. The dog, which is already suffering from mild joint pain, should be taken for a walk and given some light exercise. On top of these, weight management is a vital issue. A dog with excess fat and weight is more prone to developing some form of joint problems. Food and exercise should be well balanced to keep the weight under control. 

  1. Massage:

Massage provides pure comfort to dogs with joint pain. Try to give your favorite canine a session of your message every day. You can start the massage by talking cheerfully with it and gently patting on the back. Then Apply your hand to massage softly on the muscles near the joint. Trust me; this will help your dog to get over the pain and form an unbreakable bond between the two of you. Please take note of the dog’s response while you rub on different regions of its body. It will alert you about the pain it feels on specific parts.

3.Food & supplements

Glucosamine is a useful food supplement for the canines. It’s highly helpful in ensuring healthy joints. Glucosamine is a natural supplement and considered safe. It’s widely used for treating arthritis pain in joints. It repairs tissues and damaged cartilage. Still, sincere care should be taken to select an authentic and safe supplement from the market. It would be best if you were cautious about the cheap and substandard ingredients imported from China. These have a percentage of glucosamine way less than the recommended value. Such items can cause illness to your pet.

If you are looking for more natural ways to supply glucosamine to your dog, you can feed it with food that has glucosamine. Such a menu includes green-lipped mussels, wild shrimp shells, chicken feet, oxtails, etc.

Chondroitin is another supplement that has proved effective in keeping the joints in good shape. It can also be given from an early age as a precautionary measure. It is natural. It can be provided for a more extended period, and it bears almost no side effects. Sometimes it is combined with glucosamine for better results. Chondroitin stimulates shock absorption, hydrates cartilage, and protects existing cartilage from premature breakdown. A certified veterinary should always be consulted for advice on the dosage limit of supplements.

You can add raw bones of chicken and beef along with other meals. Bones are a good source of calcium, and calcium is essential for strengthening your pet’s bones. You can even add water and apple cider vinegar to chicken bones with cartilage and cook the broth. This helps to extract the nutrition of bones. 

CBD oil is another fantastic item that you can introduce to your dog food. It stops premature aging and decreases chronic inflammation. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant.

Dogs are the best friends in times of sorrow and loneliness. Their playful nature and unconditional love will fill your heart. Their loyalty and faithfulness are unparalleled. So you must repay the kindness with excellent care and affection. It would be best if you always were looking after its health and physical conditions. Arthritis and joint pains inflict a lot of trauma to dogs. You must do the needful to save them from such a state.

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