Say Thank You With Gifts To Our Real Heroes: Doctors, Nurses, Police and Cleaners


Ever since this corona virus has hit the world there is a large number of people who have been risking their lives to serve people like us at home. They do not necessarily have to be doctors as they can be police officers, warehouse workers, delivery persons, supermarket workers, nurses, cleaners and the list goes on and on. These people are also called essential worker, but we would rather call them heroes. Some cleaning heroes are Industrial Cleaning Company Kalamazoo-MI.

While many of us are staying home and practicing social distancing these people are heading to public places on a regular basis to help us with food and to serve us with so many other essential needs of ours. You can show your support to these people by spending extra or any other way which would be helpful to them. At the same time, you may also gift them some necessary gifts as a gesture of thank you to them. You might not really know what all gifts can be given to these frontline workers and so we are here to help. We are with some of the basic and most essential thank you gifts for our heroes who are serving us during a pandemic. 

1] Essential Items

Many frontline workers do not have time to shop some essential items for them. So you can simply put together all the essential items in the form of care package that includes canned food, pasta, ready to cook meals, cleaning wipes, sanitizer, tissue, toilet paper, disinfectant spray, mask, gloves etc that would be very useful to them in their daily lives. Trust us these gifts are more special than any other gifts right now.  When it comes to expressing gratitude, what matters the most is being creative. Sometimes handling a gift alone can seem a little impersonal. One way to avoid this is by complementing your gift with a handwritten thank you note. If you like this idea, you can find different alternatives at

2] Gift Basket

You can also treat them with a gift basket, these gift baskets come in various themes like a gourmet food gift basket, spa gift basket, sweets gift basket, fruit gift basket, and many more. So you can choose this gift basket accordingly and treat the frontline worker with the gift basket that would provide him so much of usefulness. The gift basket also includes a little card so you can convey your gratitude to the real heroes serving us with a thank you message.

3] Wine Basket

After risking their lives every day, they also need some time to rejoice and so wine baskets are best. These wine gift baskets come with snacks, cheese, and other stuff. There are different types of wine bottles in the basket so you can gift according to the choice of the receiver. So after returning tired from work, they can enjoy wine and get ready to serve us on the next day again. Order wine basket online to treat your friends and relatives for special occasions like their birthday or anniversary and convey your wishes. 

4] Plants

Plants have the ability to make the person feel relaxed. It is proven that families with plants at home are less stressed and happier than other people. So you can gift the front line workers some really beneficial plants that would keep their mental health in check. They won’t feel worked up even when they would be spending more hours at work. According to the choice of the recipient, you can choose flower plants, air-purifying plants, home décor plants, etc…

5] Flower Bouquet

Flower gifts are the best thank you gifts and flowers help you convey gratitude in the best way. There are so many flowers to choose from as mostly all the flowers represents gratefulness. Choose flowers that are bright and colorful to make the day of the heroes. Tell them you are really thankful to them as they are serving during these difficult times along with beautiful blooms. This sweet gesture will sure make their day. 

6] Washable Patagonia Backpack

Sometimes you would want to gift so many things to your loved ones who are serving at the time of pandemic but it might not be workable. The doctors and nurses carry so many things to the hospital every day and it is necessary for them to wash it to keep their hygiene in check. This is a great backpack because it is washable. Trust us this would provide your loved one and any frontline worker so much utility during these tough times.

7] Relaxation Gift

After working double shifts sometimes the bodies of these frontline workers may take a toll on their feet, legs, back, and many other body parts and so a massager or a massaging tool would be a great gift option to treat your loved one who is serving at the frontline. During this time a home massage is much appreciated and so relaxation gifts are great. This would make them feel better so that they can get back up the next day stronger. Make Thank you gifts delivery to USA to COVID-19 frontline workers and convey your gratefulness to them by serving us even at the time of the pandemic. 

We hope these thank you gifts help you convey gratitude to the lifesavers like doctors, nurses, police, and cleaners during this covid-19 pandemic.

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