So You Are Interested In Graphic Design – Now What?

Do you already have a business?  If so, then I am sure you have had needs for graphic design work.  Are you looking to start a business?  Then graphic design is a great way to make money either as a side gig or even a full time business.

More and more people have graphic design needs and not everyone can afford a designer for their business.

We all know you can easily go to school for a graphic design education.  I totally support that decision.  But sometimes you may not have the funds to pay for that type of an education; you may just want to dabble in graphic design to meet your own needs or you really want to start working from home and really don’t have the funds to devote to a full time education.  I am sure there are other reasons also.  For me – I have my blog and freelancing – I always have needs for graphic design.  You can get some tips from Jeffrey English NJ – he is a very accomplished and successful graphic designer.

Did you know you can do your own graphic design for free?  Well you can – all you need is time.  There are also affordable options – even if you don’t have any experience or a degree.

Graphic Design Options

  • Adobe – I am sure you have all heard of the Adobe suite – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, however, but these programs can be expensive.  Now you can really only subscribe – there are no longer full downloads of the products making this option very costly.  Great option but it can be costly.  It is the standard in the industry but there are so many other great options that have come along over the years.
  • Free Options – There are several free options that can get the job done but they may not be very versatile or have full features.  These free versions include:  Vecteezy, Freepik, Vectorstock, Canva, Photoscape, PixTeller (free version), SumoPaint, OpenOfficeDraw, Quotes Cover, Crello, Adobe Spark, Snappa, PicMonkey (free version), Desyner, GIMP, PhotoPOSPro, BeFunky and Creative Market.  Off this list I resort to Canva frequently and it is very easy to use.
  • Paid Options – I highly recommend investing an a paid (affordable option).  For example I use PicMonkey every single day.  It is less than $40 a year and what it offers me for options are just what I need.  Other options include Pixteller, Luminar4, Ribbet, Pixlr, PiZap, and Canva (paid options).  I am sure there are many more as more come into the picture every day it seems.

As you can see there really is no need to purchase one of the expensive products for your graphic design needs.  Additionally, many of these products offer an app (limited features) that can offer you options “on the go”.  I feel strongly that your phone can be the most versatile tool for your graphic design needs.  Do not ignore the opportunities that apps can offer you – even if you just want to add fonts you can access so much.




3 thoughts on “So You Are Interested In Graphic Design – Now What?

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