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7 Alarming Signs of Termite Infestation

You should always check for three things before renting or buying a home, and one of them is whether it is infested with any pests. It may not be wise to reject a property due to the presence of pests like flies or ants, because they can be easily managed.

But, with dangerous pests like termites, it would always be advisable not to buy the property because you will have to spend considerable moolah in repairing damages and involving pest control services. We have discussed here seven alarming signs of termite infestations so that you can deal with the situation accordingly.

  1. Hollow wood:

Termites feed on cellulose in the wood, and they eat up the wooden articles from the inside such that they get hollow. Therefore, if you wish to check whether a particular wooden item is infested or not, simply knock on wood, and if you hear muffled sounds, it means that the article is eaten up.

  1. Discarded Wings:

Discarded wings are one of the most obvious signs of termite infestation. As the colony of termites matures, the winged termites fly to other places to form colonies, and once they get the maximum use out of their wings, they discard them. Therefore, you can potentially see the piles of discarded wings in areas like basement sills because termites love to be in the vicinity of light.

  1. Termite Droppings:

As termites feed on wood, they release droppings or what is commonly called frass and form piles of pellets, which are about one millimeter in length and look like wood shavings. Therefore, if you observe something like sawdust or wood shavings near wooden articles, be assured that your home is infested with termites.

  1. Banging noises:

Termites are noisy eaters, and they produce clicking sounds while they are eating, and they are at work for 24 hours a day. Moreover, the soldier termites bang their heads against the wood to signal danger to other termites. Therefore, if you put your ear to the wood, and hear clicking sounds, then it is time to call the professional pest eliminators.

  1. Swelled up windows and doors:

You may have often observed that windows and doors get too big for their frames, and the most common reason cited for this problem is the hot and damp weather. It is definitely true for a lot of cases, but you must also know that it is one of the tell-tale signs of termite infestation because termites release moisture while eating.

  1. Mud Tubes:

Termites make tunnels so that they can safely reach their food source from the soil, and these passageways can be easily spotted once you look for them. Therefore, if you see any of such tunnels leading into the house, it becomes evident that the house is run down by termites.

  1. Bubbling paint:

When you see bubbling paint on the wall, it becomes quite apparent that it is due to a water problem. But, this water problem is not limited to the plumbing issue because termites also release moisture when they are at work. Therefore, if you see bubbling paint on the walls, check for other signs of termites for validation.

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  • Afton Jackson

    Thank you for bringing up banging noises in walls and other wood areas as a sign of termite infestation. When I was at my aunt’s place the other day, we ended up constantly asking each other if someone was tapping on the walls, thinking we were just hearing things. My aunt is very annoyed by small sounds like those, so I’ll take it upon myself to look for a termite control service to check the walls and wooden areas of her house and get rid of any termites they can find.

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