How to Tell If You Need to Revise Your Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding is an essential part of making sure that you are likely to keep clients interested in your business and so they won’t turn to the competition if they are unhappy with your services. However, determining whether or not your onboarding process is working correctly does take a little time and insight in order to see which areas you can improve on to make everything run more smoothly.

Here’s how you can see whether or not you need to make changes to your onboarding process.

Be clear from the beginning

You will need to set expectations for your clients from the very beginning so they don’t go into your onboarding process concerned about what results they are likely to have. If it takes a few months for your team to go through your workflow and for your customers to see your efforts, then make sure you tell them that from the very beginning so they aren’t expecting massive changes within the first week. It’s important to be very clear about how your company works.

Have support available

During the entire onboarding process (and after, as well) you will want to make sure that you offer customer support so that if your new clients run into any problems, they feel as though they can easily reach out to a member of your team. By not making someone readily available, you are possibly breeding resentment and not opening your interactions up to communication down the line. When you create that support system in the beginning, you’re making it much more likely that your customers will share problems with you in future interactions.

Check in with your managers

No one knows better how your onboarding is going than your managers. They can let you know if your customers have been involved in certain actions, if they seem confused about your processes, and if there have been concerns about timelines or the quality of work. Before you reach out to a client who seems to be unhappy, be sure to ask those who are working with them if they have any thoughts or recommendations about how to handle the situation. This can help you to approach your relations with clients from a more knowledgable place.

Ask for feedback

Whether you have a happy customer or one that isn’t satisfied with that your business has to offer it is important to get feedback so you can improve your onboarding process. If you can, sit down in a meeting or call your customers on the phone and request some feedback. Ask them where you can improve and what you and your team might have done well. Even if you customer decides to continue using your services, don’t take that as you don’t have areas which you can improve.

In summary

Customer onboarding can make or break your relationships going forward with clients, which is why it is so important to get it right. With some feedback, you can create the ideal process for your business and keep customers satisfied for the future.

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