The role of being an education leader is not a piece of cake. It comes in with a lot of stress and responsibilities. You have to work for longer hours, make thousands of decisions every day, and maintain your standard at all times. Being an education leader is no child’s play, and which proves that you cannot achieve perfection in all matters at all times. Being humans, we are prone to make mistakes, and that is entirely normal. Similarly, education leaders also end up falling into traps by making blunders.

You can surf the internet and find dozens of articles that talk about being an excellent education leader. However, we will take it up a notch and discuss the mistakes that education leaders commonly make. Don’t consider it as a bad thing; you learn when you tend to fall even if it takes time. It helps you grow and be more productive than ever. So, here are a few mistakes that education leaders should avoid to become successful.

Overlooking potential problems

A lot of you have a misconception that education leaders are the most proactive humans on the face of this Earth. Sorry to burst your bubble, but unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’; not every one of them falls into this category.

With hundreds of problems hitting them like a rock, they often overlook, ignore, or plan to resolve it sometime later to relieve themselves from the stress. It is a grave mistake that you must avoid. Problems that are left lingering can often become a pain for the leaders. Sooner or later, they regret addressing the issue after it hits them like a bolder.

However, education leaders having masters in education policy or leadership rarely fall into this trap. Becaue they receive training to remain cautious as soon as any problem rears its head, and resolve it timely.

Being complacent

Many leaders end up developing pride when the situation is in their favor, imagining that their school or institution is in safe hands and is leading towards success. It is where the situation gets out of hands. Being complacent could make you miss out on newer technologies and trends since you start believing that the current systems imposed and implemented by you are operating perfectly. Rather than becoming complacent, it would be best if you accepted the fact that there is always room for improvement.

To avoid this, you must continuously review your methods, policies, current processes, etc. By doing this, you can ensure that your system is operating at an optimal level.

Not able to accept the change

Dealing with change is an integral part of being an education leader.

The mistake most education leaders make is sticking to old school methods. Not just that, but they ensure that the students and the teachers follow the same orders as well, even if it is against their will. If you fall into the category of not being able to adopt new teaching methods, tech trends, or policies due to relying on old techniques solely, then you need to put a halt to it immediately. Accept the facts and figures of everything around you.

Not reinforcing talent

As an education leader, it is your job to reinforce skills and knowledge around you. For example, if you are a principal of a school, it is your responsibility to make sure that all the teachers and instructors are highly skilled and able to pass on the knowledge they possess to their students. In case they are not able to do so, then the students would be deprived of their classroom learning.

As a responsible education leader, don’t just wait around for your students to come to cry to you and complain about their teachers. Get up, go around, and keep a check and balance on the teachers to see if they abide by the rules and can deliver the way they should. If you come across an inconvenience, devise a strategy to tackle this situation professionally.

Unable to delegate

Some education leaders avoid delegation because they feel that no one but them can suitably perform the task. Eventually, you are left with more workload and stress, which results in being unproductive. Delegating can take all that stress away and help you divide the task amongst everyone. It may be not easy to trust your staff to do your work for you, but you never know they might pleasingly surprise you. Moreover, you will never know their abilities until you don’t entrust them with specific duties. Besides, you will have more time to focus on other essential duties.


After reading this, you don’t need to panic, nor do you have to end up in depression. As mentioned above, everyone makes mistakes. So as an education leader, it’s all on you how you tend to tackle those mistakes in a proper manner. Where there is a will, there is a way.


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