Welcome – Week 3 #CampWarnerBros We Bare Bears: The Movie

We are on vacation in Maine with some really rainy days.  What better way to enjoy these rainy days than watching We Bare Bears – The Movie and making our own Gummie Bear Slime. And this slime is edible!

In their desire to be accepted into the community, the three bear brothers Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear unwittingly wreaks havoc throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, igniting a mob of complaints from its residents. Follow their adventures…

This is a really easy and fun experiment and at one point I tried splitting a piece off of my daughter’s slime and it became more of a taffy pulling experience.  This slime is alot of fun and it was very easy to make.  A tip for you though – when you think you have added more than enough cornstarch and powdered sugar – add more!  Otherwise it gets very sticky, very fast.  But yes it is quite delicious!

And here is the recipe – definitely one we will make over and over….

We Bare Bears: The Movie is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD. #CampWarnerBros

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