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How Technology Shapes the Future of the Online Casino

The industry of online gambling is continually developing, alongside implementing the newest technological advancements. Without a doubt, online casino websites are fast-moving in terms of adopting new tech solutions, including mobile access, live dealer gaming options, and new design solutions.

Another crucial point to mention is that gambling platforms have already undergone significant changes. Believe it, online gambling industry has changed to the extent that playing in 2020 has nothing in common with gameplay available back in 2012, for instance. That’s why we want to dedicate this article to speculate how technology shapes the future of gaming for all of us. In such regard, we’ve handpicked the most promising technological prospects that will undoubtedly become part of gambling in years to come. Read on!


Gamblers in Canada often point out that graphics are far from being ideal in most slot machines and table games. Players often make references and comparisons with AAA video games that now have exceptionally realistic graphics and visual effects. Most software developers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, judi slot online, and Novomatic, are currently working on new graphics solutions in terms of their latest releases.

The most drastic changes regarding graphics and visuals will certainly be related to reworks of the classic slot machines. Other suggestions are concerned with the introduction of cut scenes, which have never been the part of slot machines. We can also mention that the deepfake, quite a promising technology, might also see its place in the online gambling industry. Let’s hope that it’s implementation will work for the better, but not with deceptive intentions.

Artificial Intelligence

It is a well-known fact that most online casinos in Canada are working hard to build a professional customer support team. Further development in the niche of AI, aka Artificial Intelligence, might change these processes dramatically. Online gaming per se requires a proper customer support service that is capable of replying to the requests of players.

Some online casinos have already started experimenting with the implementation of AI tools to replace customer support representatives. While the system is still far from ideal, it is expected that gambling websites in Canada and worldwide would introduce AI-powered chatbots.

These technological solutions would be able to assist gamblers with common queries, alongside being able to cope with payment questions. AI is undoubtedly one of the most promising features that we expect to see shortly in the leading online casinos in Canada.

Augmented Reality Technology

Aren’t people enthusiastic about the development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? These two innovations, which are often referred to as AR/VR, can drastically change the way how any online casino works. Even though some of the most innovative land-based venues already host exclusive AR/VR rooms, online platforms are soon to catch up. Just imagine a chance to wear a specialized headset and see a Roulette Wheel spinning right in front of you? Or you can alternatively think of accessing all the slot machines you like, eventually having a chance to see and interact with them differently.

Much like in the course of our reviews of the best payout Canadian casino websites, we are ambitious about how AR/VR games will payout to players. We can say for certain that the best payout Canadian casino right now, about which you can find out more in our reviews, has solid payouts for all types of games. Similarly, we are looking forward to seeing how AR/VR titles would be implemented in online casinos to track their innovations in the niche of online gaming.

Digital Payments

When it comes to payments, any gambler can expect for renewed attention to the innovative payment methods to arrive. One of the recent additions to some of the online casinos in Canada has been a Bitcoin (BTC). Thanks to an enormously increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, we do not doubt that they will become a payment method in most gambling platforms on the Web.

What is more, our review team also hopes to see more payment methods in general, including a diversified range of cryptocurrencies and other cashless options to appear. We hope that the FinTech niche will develop rapidly, especially within the next few years, to revolutionize the online gambling industry once and forever.

Renewed Security

Even though most online casinos in 2020 already show significant progress in terms of adding and developing the existing security layers, more updates are coming up shortly. Some gambling websites have already seen security breaches and data leaks that could diminish the reputation of a particular online casino.

The renewed attention to security might take various forms, ranging from the implementation of new SSL encryption or firewall applications. Our review team only hopes that the imposed security measures would come in handy for all gambling platforms that genuinely care about their players’ personal data.

What to Expect

Alright, we’ve compiled a list that encompasses a dazzling array of technologies that shape the future of online casino websites. While some seem a bit utopian, such as the renewed security and AI, others, including new payments and graphics developments, are already arriving on gambling websites. You see, it is quite tough for our review team to estimate an exact time when these changes could be implemented. For instance, just a few years ago, nobody knew that real live dealer games could become so popular.

We commonly recommend being somewhat optimistic about the upcoming changes to the gambling niche. In Canada, we’ve already seen a steady increase in the quality of offers associated with online casinos. The same goes for the US, UK, and other European gambling platforms. We can say confidently is that online gambling, like in any other niche, development heavily relies on the quality of technologies implemented. That being said, let’s passionately wait for the mentioned changes to arrive. They would undoubtedly change the lives of gamblers for the better, don’t you think so?


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