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6 Ways To Enhance Your Outdoor Adventure With CBD

The great outdoors are a place where we can reconnect with our most primal selves. It’s a place where the stress of the modern world melts away, and the harmony of all things natural takes over. There is no more enjoyable feeling than the excitement before a great adventure in the wild besides getting out there and doing it, and now there are a wide variety of CBD edibles, vapes, and beverages that can help you on your way. So plan your moves, pick up some of your favorite CBD, pack your bag and your car, and get out there into the wild! 

When you are ready to experience the best of the natural world, there are some awesome CBD products that are full of beneficial botanical compounds that can seriously enhance your outdoor adventure. Whether you are looking for an enjoyable way to stay hydrated, find yourself pondering what to do when you’re relaxing by the fire, or trying to think of a great way to sleep it all off afterwards, this list of awesome CBD products and suggestions on how to use them will be a fantastic companion in the planning phases of your next outdoor adventure.

Hike In With The Hydrating Power Of CBD Water

Unless you have some massive alpine objective, the hike in is one of the most strenuous and demanding parts of getting out into the great outdoors. This is where many people overwork, under hydrate, and end up sore for the rest of the trip. Fortunately, staying hydrated is a simple solution that will minimize lactic acid build up, and provide your body the fuel it needs to keep going when you are pushing it to its limits. 

CBD infused water brings the power of h2o to an entirely new level and not only allows you stay hydrated, but provides you with a myriad of beneficial compounds such as cannabidiol, and terpenes that help the body maintain a state of homeostasis. When you want to stay hydrated, and keep your body moving, CBD water is a fantastic choice.

Relax By The Fire With A Delicious Vape Pen

There is no better feeling than sitting by a warm fire in the middle of nowhere. Whether you are under the big desert sky, on top of a snowy mountain, or huddled by its warmth in the dense woods, the intoxicatingly primal feeling of the fire is truly something to behold. People are always looking for something relaxing and enjoyable to do by the fire, and CBD vape pens fit that bill perfectly. There are a huge variety of flavors and potencies to choose from, so whatever flavor profile your pallet desires, you are sure to find a vape pen to fit your personal preference.

Provide Yourself An Extra Boost From A CBD Energy Drink

We all need a little pick-me-up from time to time, especially when you’ve been carrying a heavy pack up and down switchbacks all day. Drinking an average, sugary, chemical-filled energy drink when immersed in the glory of nature feels like some sort of blasphemy. You can’t bring that nasty stuff into nature and still feel wholly connected- you are putting city folk chemicals into your body. Instead, reach for the natural goodness of CBD energy drinks. These delicious beverages are formulated with carefully selected botanical ingredients and allows the user to indulge in the power of high-grade hemp extract. When you are in nature, keep your energy natural with CBD energy drinks.

Beat The Heat With CBD Sunscreen

It is pretty easy to get burned when you are in the sun all day, and when you want to get out in the wild, being in the sun is a huge part of it. Your everyday sunscreen is much like your everyday energy drink and contains a huge variety of hardly pronounceable chemicals that have no place in your body or in the glory of nature. 

Sunscreen is an essential part of your adventure arsenal, so keep it natural with premium CBD sunscreen. These perfect formulations provide all of the same UV protection as normal sunscreens, but are made with fine, natural ingredients and contain top-tier CBD. When you want to protect yourself from the sun, and allow your body access to the plethora of powerful compounds present in hemp extract, then you are going to absolutely adore CBD sunscreen.

Sleep Like A Baby With CBD + Melatonin Gummies

When you are all done with your hardcore adventure, a good nights rest is absolutely essential. There are a variety of different delicious CBD gummies on the market, but when you are looking to sleep off the rigors of adventure time, melatonin infused CBD gummies are going to be your best friend. Not only are these gummies incredibly delicious, they provide you with the incredible combination of high-grade hemp extract, and the sleepy power of melatonin.

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