Where To Find Resources And Information On Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a kind of a learning disability that is related to language. You can read more about this disability in this useful site here. The people who have it have difficulty in reading, talking, and pronouncing. Most students may be affected by this problem, and the disability can affect them for life.

In the medical field, it is commonly referred to as a learning disability because students who have it will have a difficult time academically. Most of them may have difficulty learning in a typical school, and in severe cases, most of the people may need special accommodations, education, and extra support to learn.

What are the Causes of Dyslexia?

As of this time, the exact cause of this disability is still unknown. However, studies involving brain and anatomical imagery show that the person who has this has a different way of developing. Their brain functions differently, and other researchers found out that one can have problems in separately identifying the sounds of speech. Note that the disability is not about the lack of intelligence or the desire of a student to learn. With the right teaching method, most students will be able to learn to read and write successfully.

Other scientists found that the condition can be genetic, and it can run through several generations in families. This condition can be traced back to the part of the brain that processes the language. Several scans show that some areas of the brain don’t “light up” or work correctly when a person with the disability tries to read and write.

Most of the children learn to read when they start figuring out the sounds. An example of this is the “D” makes a “duh” sound. “N” makes an “en” sound. Then the children string the sounds together so that they can form words such as “D-O-G.” They finally figure out that the dog refers to a furry animal that barks.

With those who have dyslexia, the brain will have a hard time making the connection between the sounds and letters. Someone will have a blended formation of sounds and words, and the whole process is difficult for them. Some who see the terms “DOG” on a book might read this as “GOD” because of the mix-ups. This is a slow and challenging process for some kinds, but fortunately, children can still succeed in life, whether they have dyslexia or not.

A Movie About Dyslexia

There are several touching movies filmed about dyslexia. An 8-year old child was experiencing the poor academic performance. His parents finally decided to send him to a boarding school. Although the kid has a special talent in painting and the arts, he is having trouble reading the words on the blackboard and book.

In the movie, it was depicted that the letters and words were scrambled. In the child’s mind, all the words don’t make sense. They are in chaos, and letters seem to be flying everywhere without meaning. For the child’s other teachers, they thought that the kid was merely lazy or mentally retarded, but this is not the case at all.

Fortunately, there was a teacher who found out that the child has dyslexia, which makes him struggle with learning. The teacher showed the child about famous people who’ve had dyslexia as a child. You can read more about them here: https://www.webmd.com/children/ss/slideshow-celebrities-dyslexia.

Steven Spielberg wasn’t diagnosed with this disability until he was 60. His friends in school bullied him, so he channeled his energy into making movies.

Cher, as a singer, wasn’t able to read quickly or do homework. She said that for her, trying to understand Math is comparable to reading Sanskrit. The way she learns is through listening to her lecturers.

Keira Knightly was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was just six years old. She loved acting, and this is what motivated her to read. She made a deal with her mom and dad that if she works hard on her reading skills, she will get an agent who can help her in Hollywood. This star in The Pirates of the Caribbean did her part and read movie scripts well. She went on to become one of the highest-paid actresses of all time.

Back to the story, the little boy was able to attempt reading and to write gradually. When he developed enough interest in his academics, the grades improved as well. The boy met his parents at the end of the school year. They were speechless in the transformation of their child over the year. He became a confident young man who has found his passion and real purpose in life. This is all because of the support of a teacher who believed in him.


It is essential to know that children and people can learn to read and write with the help of compensation strategies, support, therapy, and technical aids. Some people try to reduce their anxiety and stress, and this somehow improves comprehension and writing.

For many people, the main goal of therapy is to increase one’s awareness between the phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (letters). Some have found out that earlier interventions will yield long-term success in life. If you are looking for resources, visit sites with dyslexia test that can give you more insight about this disability. Some sites have in-depth videos, learning materials, and printable catalogs that will help a lot in the remediation of dyslexia.

These are just some pieces of information that you can learn about dyslexia. When you discover that someone you know may have this disability, you can help by giving them materials that can help them read and write. Others sign up with training courses to provide help for children with dyslexia. A lot of these training materials are available on the internet.


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