Jeulia’s Attractive Engagement and Wedding Rings

An engagement ring and wedding ring are very personal choices.  It is more than a ring – it personifies you.  For example – I did not want big and elaborate for my engagement ring.  It isn’t small but it also isn’t four carats.  I own horses, hike, bike, swim, do chores and I wanted a ring that would not hinder those activities.  Over the years my husband has added stones to my ring to “protect” the diamond from ME…  Yes, I managed to lose the diamond a few times over 30 years.  I could avoid that if I take my ring off to do these activities but if you know me – I would forget where I put the ring or accidentally flush it down the toilet or something.  Believe me, my ring is safest on my hand at all times even if it occasionally needs to be repaired.

Jeulia is the premier place to get engagement and wedding jewelry for brides.  They pride themselves on creating jewelry that evokes emotion and memories.  They create premium artisanal jewelry for you and your personality and all that you stand for.  Their jewelry is handcrafted through a 15 step process – not created on a mechanized assembly line.

These handcrafted diamond rings are affordable options to make everything special and memorable.  Not only do they have engagement rings and rings for wedding but they also have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other accessories.  Something for everyone!  You can even get all the jewelry for wedding parties!

My husband and I have two daughters – one in her 20s and one in her middle teens.  There will undoubtedly be weddings in our future – not quite yet but at some point.  We also have three sons who will be looking for guidance to get that special ring for their loved ones.  Jeulia is the perfect place to go.  And right now – shopping online is the best way to shop so we can avoid any accidental exposure to COVID.  Let’s keep everyone safe and do our part.

Personally, I love the versatility of the different colored metals – the silver with gold and rose gold are so versatile and sure to go with every activity, event, and outfit.




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