10 must-have accessories to improve your style in Summer

After a long winter period, surviving through the harsh coldness that nature offers, summer comes to us bearing gifts. The sun smiles at us, and everything suddenly becomes much brighter. It’s an energetic time of the year and the perfect time to go on a vacation or travel with friends. Summer also allows you to take off your heavy furry cloths and try bolder clothes for a change. You get to take a higher risk with your style choice and express yourself better in the summer days. Winter also lets you be trendy and fashionable, but Summer invites extra boldness and stylish options. As the weather heats up, more and more people are forced to change their wardrobe to lighter clothes that are considerate of the summer heat. It’s unnecessary to change your summer wardrobe every year. It’s also not sustainable, so adding extra accessories to add to your summer experience is the best way to go about it. To up your fashion game in the summer, we present the top ten must-have accessories and summer gadgets.

Light Scarf for Summer

Scarfs are a brilliant addition to your summer game. They are eye-catching and add color variety to your day to day outfit. Hanging a simple scarf around your neck with your tee and jeans combo will add that extra touch of fashion that ensures you stand out in every crowd. It will also provide some warmth if need be in overly air-conditioned areas. A scarf can also cover some of the exposed body areas that you might want not always disclosed. It can also act as a belt and be worn as a sarong when you need extra coverage, especially in places like the beach. For design, go for anything that suits your style, for color, you can go for much bolder hues, and you should be looking at the silk and cotton variants as they are more comforting materials for a scarf.


Collar necklaces and chokers are trendy, and the minimalist option of going for an essential collar necklace adds much more to your beauty than you can comprehend. A good choker substitutes somewhat of a similar result. A layered necklace is usually more intriguing, with silver or golden variation being the go-to option for most fashionable women. It has an abstract concept behind it being very artistic and expressive. You can pair them with almost any outfit you own, and it will work great with every combination in most scenarios.


Sunglasses are the ultimate accessories of the summer. They are stylish, and they protect your eyes from the sun and its UV rays preventing any skin damage near the eyes, and a good pair of sunglasses add beauty to your face like no other. There is a wide range of options for sunglasses, and they come in different shapes in sizes. It’s essential to understand what shape of glasses compliment your face shape. Each designer glass will give you a separate outlook and vibe. It’s better to try different types to get a good understanding of your facial compatibility. For starters, a rounder shaped face looks better with a sharp sunglass that’s boxier with corners, and a brighter face works better with a rounder sunglass, but there also exist many exceptions to that rule. Many sunglasses look amazing on most face shapes due to their intrinsic design, like the BV8223B Sunglasses by Bvlgari is a surprisingly good example of a sunglass that pertains to different face shapes.

Floppy Hat 

An oversized floppy hat screams summertime, and it’s a classic favorite among many. It adds elegance to any outfit, even if it’s the most casual one you have. Add cool sunglasses to that mix, and you are all good to go. It’s as fitting as a beach addon as it is for an outdoor wedding. Not to mention, they add serious sun protection for your face and your neck, two of the most exposed part of your bodies while making you look fabulous while doing so. You can try and straw hats that are timeless and classic or, you can go for something like a white raffia hat or a black one for a different look. The ones with patterns and ribbons will accentuate your expressive outlook without going overboard, and floppy hats with vibrant colors will provide a bolder look.

Statement Earrings 

As necklaces get thinner, earrings are getting bigger. The jewelry trend is a changing trend moving all over the place throughout the years. A colossal statement earring is one of the trends that never seems to go away. It’s one of the trends that has become a staple for bold jewelry these days. Much like with floppy hats, adding an earring like this to a casual outfit makes you look luxurious, giving off a rich ambient look. Statement earrings are a great way to step up your wardrobe game in the summer, especially when traveling is concerned. One other accessory to add with a statement earring is a nose ring. A shoulder-grazing pendant is a fantastic addition to your style choice giving your neutral outfits a chance to shine.

Great Clutch 

Leave the unusually big handbag at home this summer and ease your burden with a clutch. These little bags hold just the basics, permitting you to travel with as low luggage as possible, making things simple during the summer’s sweltering and dim long periods. Conventional models fit flawlessly in one hand or can be tucked under your arm, while convertible clutches accompany a strap or chain to keep your hands free. Pick a simple clutch with a string or a belt with a neutral shade of color for a consistent fashionable accessory that you can rock all summer if you wish to.

Wedge Sandals 

The wedge sandals provide the ideal tradeoff between customary high heels and Summer’s ultra-easygoing flats and flip-flops. They are comfortable enough for a stroll in the recreation center or a walk around the promenade, yet beautiful enough to make pants, dresses, and capris look coy and fashionable. The thick wooden or cork base kills the dangers — and inconvenience — of high heels, while the strap-like structures add style to any outfit. Flavor things up with trendy renditions of wedge sandals produced using skins, flower prints or splendid neon hues, or pick wedges made using excellent materials like cowhide and canvas for shoes that will keep going for seasons to come.

Traditional Pearls

It is one of the most common jewelry of all time worn by every fashionable woman. A piece of pearl jewelry will always stay in style; there’s no doubt. The traditional ones are more sought after by the people with a better fashion sense. It’s more rewarding to own pearls that are dissimilar to one another as different kinds are out there, and variety is always welcome.

Modified Oxfords

Sometimes in your summer trip, you can end up in less of a tropical place or beach like destination and more of a stylish city, where you will need to find footwear that’s more polished or closed. Closed-toe footwear like the oxfords can provide an edge to your outfit that’s somewhat masculine but remains a classic wardrobe staple for women. The newer versions of the shoe have thicker soles with a sleeker, adding a more modern look to your footwear.

Round Crossbody

An excellent alternative to the typical clutch is the fashionable round cross body bags that are small and compact, just the perfect accessory to have the bare essentials always with you while staying in style. It’s easier to keep track of your things in smaller bags, and they are effortless to pick as well. It’s a great bag when you are going sightseeing or places like the museum.


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