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Reasons Why Your Horse Should Be Insured

To its owner, a fine horse is more than an animal; It’s a major investment, requiring the maximum degree of care and protection. Horses, of course, being living creatures, there are always plentiful chances for things to go wrong. Responsible owners buy the best horse insurance policy they can to cover the costs of possible mishaps.

Medical Misfortunes

Horses, like humans, suffer from illness and disease. Common disorders include colic, laminitis (a crippling hoof inflammation), equine flu and a host of internal parasites.

The medical management of horses is more specialized than for most animals, employing whole industries of farriers, equine veterinarians and dentists. Horse care costs are comparable to other specialist services. Purchasing horse medical insurance ensures your animal receives appropriate attention in times of crisis.

Life Is Fragile

It’s a fact of life for all beings: If disease doesn’t get you, there are countless other things that can. Most horses’ increased exposure to the outdoors compared to humans leaves them more vulnerable to nature’s wild whims. Just as one example, animals in tornado- or earthquake-prone areas face real concerns of being injured or even killed by flying debris.

Additionally, in horse-human interactions, there’s always a possibility of fatal accidents. Even minor missteps during delicate handling procedures can have tragic consequences. Moreover, common work injuries readily treatable in humans, notably broken legs, are fatal for horses. Horse mortality insurance policies protect owners against all of these risks, and many more.

Protect Your Assets

For centuries, horses have been selectively bred for their working, racing or other capabilities. Those with prized pedigrees command astounding prices in the market. On the flip side, pure bloodlines are prone to particular defects. Treatment expenses for purebred stock can be commensurately steep.

Horses whose worth is tied to a business, including for breeding use, become a burden when they fail to serve their purpose. Mortality insurance packages may offer a “loss of use” adjunct to mitigate the financial effects of such an eventuality. This won’t apply if the animal must be euthanized because of circumstances relating to their incapacity.

Protect Others

Horses are big, strong creatures who can easily injure a person without trying. As a business owner, it’s as important to protect your clients as it is your horses. Equine liability insurance is designed to help owners avoid lawsuits by covering any financial responsibility for accidental injuries. Situations can include a fall by a rider, a kick to a handler or property damage to a neighbor.

In spite of your utmost attentions, you should still insure your horse against accidents. It’s the wisest decision for your wallet and your animal.

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