3 Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee makes a lot of people happy, plain and simple. Whether it’s hot, iced or decaf, many people need a coffee boost to start their day or even for an afternoon pick up. However, drip coffee isn’t only beneficial for your mental and emotional health. The delicious drink also has a lot of health benefits, according to science.

1. Coffee improves your energy.

Because of the caffeine in the beverage, coffee acts as a stimulus when it hits your bloodstream and goes to the brain. Caffeine affects the brain by blocking adenosine. When this transmitter is blocked, norepinephrine and dopamine increase which leads to higher energy. In addition, you may notice you’re more vigilant, react faster and have a stronger memory when indulging in a cup of coffee.

2. Coffee helps you burn fat.

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, adding coffee (without all the added sweeteners) will help. Studies have shown that drinking coffee can boost your metabolism anywhere from 3-11%. However, don’t rely on just drinking coffee to reach your desired weight. These effects may wear off as you continue drinking it. Think of coffee as a kickstart that your body will ultimately get used to.

3. Coffee makes your workouts better.

Drinking coffee increases the adrenaline in your blood and acts as a supplement to physical exertion. It breaks down body fat and makes the fatty acids available for you to use as fuel. If you’re getting ready to head to the gym, try to get a cup of coffee in about 30 minutes before you work out. Here are some great coffee’s to have that won’t weigh you down before busting a sweat.

It’s no surprise that people can’t live without coffee. The delectable drink is everywhere, and people find all different ways to get their caffeine fixes. While coffee is an integral part of mainstream culture, the benefits in the beverage go well beyond an Instagram worthy photo-op.

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