Keeping Your Restaurant Clean and Safe: Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Restaurants are not always about the food. A restaurant is more attractive if it is clean and organized. This is why, if you run a restaurant, you must pay attention to keeping your kitchen and the whole restaurant cleaning. A poorly cleaned space is bad for business.

An unclean restaurant can surely derail the success of your business. Since we are living in the time of social media, expect customers to post their opinions about how unclean your restaurant is on their social media accounts. This can quickly affect your restaurant’s reputation, not to mention the possibility of a failed health inspection.

By keeping your restaurant clean, and your equipment working properly with commercial fridge repair, you keep the customers satisfied and happy. You keep your employees healthy as well. To maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant, it is best if you get help from professional cleaners. If you are looking for a personal cleaning service, you can reach out to DLL Cleaning Services.

However, there are certain things you can do to keep your restaurant clean. We have prepared some cleaning hacks and tips for you. You can also learn more restaurant cleaning tips in this blog.

Cleaning Challenges

Restaurant is a busy establishment. There’s always something going on, especially in the kitchen. With so many tasks at hand, one can easily overlook regular cleaning. Add to this, different areas of the restaurant require different cleaning. Cleaning your walk-in refrigerator requires a different approach than, say, cleaning the greasy floor.

It’s important that you devote time to train your employees on how to properly clean specific areas. While this may seem “un-economic,” it will benefit you in the long-run, knowing that the employees will be able to work in a safe, healthy, and sanitary environment.

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

To help employees monitor their cleaning tasks, you can create a checklist. That way, they can simply check off each finished task. They can also divide specific cleaning tasks between themselves. Make a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist.

Here is a sample checklist:

  • Daily tasks:
  1. Clean floors and sinks
  2. Wipe walls
  3. Clean the fryer, flattop, range, grill, and griddle
  4. Throw garbage and disinfect trash cans and disposal areas
  5. Disinfect the prep area
  6. Wipe down kitchen equipment
  7. Clean storage and sweep walk-in refrigerators
  8. Wash uniforms, aprons, rags, and towels
  •  Weekly tasks:
  1. Sanitize and wash freezer and refrigerator
  2. De-lime faucets and sinks
  3. Clean the oven
  4. Clean floor drain
  5. Boil out the deep fryers
  •  Monthly tasks:
  1. Empty the grease traps
  2. Clean the refrigerator coils
  3. Sanitize the ice and coffee machines
  4. Remove grease build-up off ceilings and walls
  5. Wash the vent hoods

Cleaning Restaurant Floors

Cleaning restaurant floors can be quite challenging. You’re not only dealing with dusts. Those you can easily sweep off. Your real problem is a greasy floor.

Many restaurants make the mistake of simply using a mop and bucket. However, this method only leaves or even spreads out the grease and dirt. The floor remains slipper and even unsanitary. The best way is to use the grease removing chemicals. Dilute the chemicals and follow the directions carefully. Apply to the grimy floors and let it sit there as needed. Don’t mop it afterwards. Use a deck brush instead.

Cleaning your restaurant may seem time-consuming. It imposes additional “burden” or tasks to your employees. However, it’s an important investment to ensure the success of your business.

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