The Fun in Everything: The Funniest Facts You Should Know About


The world is in a dark time today because of the pandemic. Although there’s a lot to worry about, there isn’t a reason in the world why we shouldn’t smile and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. With that said, one of the best ways to fight off the gloomy feelings is to laugh and find the haha in every funny statement or joke.

The world is full of funny things; you should look at the right places for it. With that said, here are some fun facts that you should know about. Just remember, these facts are real and will have you laughing from head to toe.

President or Prankster?

Being the President of the United States is one of the most challenging jobs to have. One would think a person who has the title of POTUS doesn’t waste time doing shenanigans during work. However, one POTUS is known for playing tricks during his stay at the oval office.

That prestigious award of Prankster of the United States goes to former President Calvin Coolidge. When you’re a president that leads the most powerful nation in the world, you’ll expect that the Secret Service will be on top of everything you do. President Coolidge decided that their security was a bit of a pain, so he played a prank.

For a laughable reaction, President Coolidge would start ringing an emergency bell in his office. When the Secret Service came, he would hide as hard as he could just to rile up the guys who were tasked to protect him. Now, this is one of the many funny facts you’ll have a great time with.

Fun with Phobias

Phobias are things that can scare the living lights out of people. Although we should take these phobias seriously, some people often end up making make-believe phobias to validate their irrationalities. Because of this, many phobias have strange names and even more bizarre objects that scare some people. In reality, these people are making up things that don’t even make sense. With that said, here legit phobias with their weird, funny names:

  • Xanthophobia – The fear of anything colored yellow.
  • Coulrophobia – The fear of clowns, now this is real.
  • Phobophobia – The fear of phobias
  • Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia – The fear of very long words. Sorry about this.
  • Nomophobia – The fear of not having a phone or a mobile signal at all times
  • Somniphobia – The fear of resting or getting sleep
  • Genuphobia – The fear of having to see a person’s knees
  • Octophobia – The fear of anything 8. Again, we’re going to say sorry on this one.

The Camp at Crystal Lake

One of the most notorious slasher movies in the US, perhaps in the entire world, is the Friday the 13th franchise. In the film, a hockey mask-wearing, machete-slashing, unstoppable killing machine known as Jason Vorhees is terrorizing campers for reasons unknown.

Ironically, Camp Crystal Lake’s real-life setting is where most Friday the 13th movies are shot. With a real camp and real campers scurrying around the place, the movie crew had to explain themselves to campers who got scared of seeing a crazed Jason chasing around people.

Communication is Pee

After reading that, you might think it’s supposed to be “Communication is Key” instead of pee. However, it’s not a typo because communication is key, and is pee with Lobsters. Believe it or not, lobsters have the rare ability in the animal kingdom to communicate specifically with their urine.

The CDC is Zombie-ready

Speaking of COVID-19 and scary horror movies, the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control has a section dedicated to fighting off zombies and preventing their spread. Although the CDC is mainly responsible for watching out for pandemics such as COVID-19, their official website tells people what to do when a zombie apocalypse comes. If only the people in those movies went to the CDC website. They could’ve ended up in a much safer situation.

The Game… in Real Life

If you’re familiar with the 1997 hit movie, “The Game” you’ll be surprised to know that a company in actual life can kidnap you, at your request, and for fun. The Game stars Michael Douglas as an unknowing participant in a weird game involving kidnapping, murders, and other plot twists.

The Ultíme Réalité is a French company that can help you recreate “The Game” feels for your adventure. To add to the realism, the company uses professionals who will strike without warning. They won’t tell you when and they won’t tell you why. Their kidnapping crew will come with real gear such as ropes, binds, gags, and blindfolds, ready to give you the ultimate thrill.


Once in a while, it’s good to laugh at what life offers. Finding happiness in everything can be an excellent way to relieve us of stress. Now that most of us are in a stressful environment, every bit of laughter can help. Let’s look forward to something more positive and let’s smile our way towards it.

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