10 Facts About Gender Inequality That Needs Immediate Attention

Even in the romantic period, women writers hid in their husbands’ shadows just to do what they really want. They wrote several pieces under male names or using their husbands’ names because they were not given equal rights and privileges.

A lot of movements concerning genders came into existence because of gender inequality.  Many people claimed that women already have the power to stand up on their own, but we couldn’t deny that there are still instances that oppressed women even up to this moment. This topic is considered taboo, but mark this day, for we’re going to open our eyes and behold how our society uses a double standard when it comes to genders.

Violence Against Women is Rooted From Gender Inequality

Women are prone to sexual assault given the fact that they’re weak in nature, but aside from sexual assault, they are also subject to human trafficking, child marriage, and child life expectancy. Women are always usually at the losing end when it comes to gender inequality issues. These are some of the emerging problems women were facing since before, but most people chose to tune out these issues.

Women Have No Access to Education

A lot of women craved for education, but due to the unequal distribution of privileges, most of them ended in shutting their voices. Believe it or not, but women before were considered useless compared to men; they were born to manage the house and to take care of their children and nothing else. This perception ended in illiteracy and also self-sufficiency.

Gender Biases is Connected with Stereotyped Cultural and Social Roles

The EIGE or European Institute for Gender Equality provides distinct privileges and rights depending on gender; hence, it mirrors the uneven distribution of rights and the belief of systemic stereotypes.

Gender Discrimination is Prevalent in the Workplace

Yes, everyone can go to work today, but we couldn’t deny that employees or any job applicant are being handled depending on their gender. It also involves a person’s connection towards an organization that is linked with gender.

Girls Get Married at the Age of Three

Hearing the term “arrange marriage” may be funny, but believe it or not, it still exists today. Without the child’s prior knowledge, the parents usually decide for their daughter’s future; at the age of three, they typically start planning their children’s wedding.

Unfair Distributions of Inheritance Between Men and Women

Men received loads of works making women looked incompetent. Handling business or leading, for instance, were tasks intended for men before. This predicament is one of the reasons why women received lower inheritance compared to men.

Gender Stratification is Still Present Today

Gender stratification can be seen in all aspects, but one obvious example that is still practiced today is patriarchy. Most of the family considered the father as supreme, and the wife should remain under the husband. Men received a large portion of power while women earned a little or worse, nothing at all.

Women don’t Have the Right to Govern

Before, women were only assigned to take care of the house and children; they have no right to vote nor to participate in politics. Due to the emerging cries for equal rights, they’ve received seats in the world of politics. Yes, they can now have the power to govern, but it’s still too little compared to the men who became leaders.

The Gender Wage Gap has merely lowered by $0.07 Since 2015

The Gender Wage Gap shows the difference between men and women in terms of earnings. According to PayScale, for every $1 that a man earns, women are only obtaining $0.8 since 2015. Hence, we can say that women generally received fewer wages compared to men.

The Feminist Movement Came Into Existence

The first movement of Feminism was in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; the movement’s objective was to allow women to gain opportunities while focusing on suffrage. A lot of men misinterpreted Feminism; for some, it is regarded as hating men or overpowering men, but it’s not. Feminism means believing that all genders have equal rights may it be in politics, culture, social, or any aspect.

Gender roles create division between sexes; it happens because it is a deep-rooted belief that people keep on believing even today. Feminism came into existence because some women have finally chosen to leave the shadow and started standing for themselves.


Gender inequality is still existing because people aren’t ready for the truth; it arose because of the unequal treatment between women and men. No, women don’t want to overpower other genders; they just want to receive the rights and opportunities they deserved in the first place. Being a woman isn’t a privilege; it’s a right. So, allow them to lead, give them freedom, and recognize their abilities because, like men, they can do anything.


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