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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Type Of Garage Door Opener

Having a garage door is a convenient idea as they keep your family away from danger and intruders. Garage doors offer extra security in your place while improving the static value of your home or commercial building. Today there are thousands of garage door openers that provide you with the kind of door that you require for your garage. To select quality and long-lasting garage door opener brands like Steel-Line, you have to consider several factors to arrive at the best choice. It’s important as the homeowner that you research your options very well in order to get the most of your money.

So you have decided to buy a garage door opener for your house, yet have not decided yet which product to invest in. Don’t worry. Here are some important factors that will help you to choose the right garage door opener.

For years, the garage door has been a part of every home. Before you shop for a garage door opener make sure you repair your garage door if necessary.  You want everything to be functional beforehand.  More styles and color choices are available to compliment houses. The garage door is not only a piece of your home’s background, but it should also look beautiful. So here are some options you should take into account when buying a new garage door opener.

Types Of Garage Door Openers 

3 Types Of Garage Door Openers – 

Chain Drive – The most common type is suited to all weights or heights of garage opening besides having the capacity to list various materials. It is affordable and makes use of a chain for moving the door. It uses a chain which is connected to your garage door. In return it pushes or opposes the entry point in the track.

Belt Drive – It is the same as chain drive, it operates using a rubber belt. It is the quietest type among all, a bit more expensive however. It can either be used with light or heavy materials as well as ideal for multi panel or one piece garage doors.

Jack Shaft – It is the least commonly used. It is a computer system, meaning to say Jack shaft contains automatic deadbolts.

Factors To Consider 

Material – Garage doors are made of steel, wood, aluminium and fiberglass. To decide which material to select, consider the maintenance, design, durability and cost.

Door Size And Weight – Look for a garage door system according to the size of your door. Some taller doors may require an extension kit. If you have a heavy and big garage door, a screw drive may not be a good choice. Chain drive openers are fit for garage doors that are heavy.

Horsepower – check the horsepower ratings. In  residential models, ratings range from 1/2 to 1 -1/2 horsepower motor. 1/2 horsepower is enough for sectional double car garage doors.

Noise Level – If you are sound sensitive, a belt drive or screw drive is an ideal choice.

Speed – Choose a garage door system that makes you wait less in the driveway for the garage entrance way to open.

Safety And Security – Safety and security should be given paramount consideration. Choose a system with security and safety features such as rolling codes, infrared beams and automatic reversing action sensors.

Budget – Know your budget when you are buying because your decision depends on the amount of budget. If you have money, a belt drive is a good purchase. But if you are restricted, you can go for a chain drive.


If you are confused, seek help from professional technicians as they have the necessary tools and the knowledge in choosing and installing the garage door opener. This is effective work that saves you from further damage.

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