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REMEDIO – Active Renewal Balm

REMEDIO is a hemp based wellness organization and this active renewal balm has hemp cannabinoids 1000mg.

I have been searching for a product such as this for some time.  A year ago I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis.  Most people don’t know what that is – and some doctors don’t either.   Very few know how to treat it.  You can only treat the symptoms – the disease remains for life.  One of the symptoms (and there are many) are issues with skin.  Right now my skin doesn’t look too bad but during a major flare it looks horrible.  I need to stay on top of caring for my skin to try and avoid flares and to do that I need a really good balm and/or ointment for my hands and feet.  I will spare you photos of my feet because those are definitely in a flare but my hands right now have some areas of what looks like dry skin and a couple areas that look like calluses.


Most people would think it is psoriasis or eczema but it isn’t.  With the help of REMEDIO’s Active Renewal Balm I am starting to get this under control again.  Normal lotions do not work – in fact sometimes they make it worse.  What’s more is my hands and feet are intensely itchy so I needed something that calms down the itch also.

This calming balm has 1000mg broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoids and is a nourishing, anti-inflammatory formula – just what my hands and feet need!  I expect it to renew and repair my skin and it certainly is very soothing on my skin.  It is made with pure essential oils and to me smells a bit like a fresh holiday tree!  Each batch is tested to assure purity.

This soothing balm is one of the strongest topical formulations available today, made from a blend of all-natural organic ingredients and essential oils and scented with hints of frankincense and lavender.

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